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Character: Zascub

Biography[edit | edit source]

Zascub is a character. He has yellow skin similar to The Cheat, and a similar body to Homestar Runner. He wears an orange shirt with a design on it, and a green cap with a pink brim.

His intelligence is usually around Homestar's level, but he is decently capable of using a computer. He is also frequently unaware of what's happening.

He likes video games and pizza.

He has a remote that he carries around. He "found it inbetween the couch cushions". It has no batteries, but is fully functional. It seems to work on anything. It is capable of universe-altering capabilities, but Zascub is humorously unaware of them, even if he sees them.

He also has a computer called the Lappy X. Its OS is a parody of Windows XP.

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Variations[edit | edit source]

Zacsabza (20X6)