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Current thoughts: Happy almost '20! Hpemail #21 has been complete for quite a while now, as has #22. I need to update this more often. But still, #23 is soon! — 12/5/19

Why, haldo there! I'm Gfdgsgxgzgdrc. I know, it's extremely difficult to spell, memorize, or pronounce. You can call me Gfd, or just use the template {{Gfd}}. That works too. I'm a sysop, so you can come to me if you have any questions. I know my way around. I've also made over 3,500 edits since December 2011. I'm the creator of such fanstuffs as Horrible Painting Emails, Homestar Runner Online?, and other type stuff. I'm friends with most of the other users here, especially Lira, Coach E, and Branderson. I also edit the Homestar Runner Wiki. You can read more about me on my userpage there, because it feels redundant to put all that information in two places. I'm also a Scratcher by the name of CoolGuyBug. Oh, and I'm on the forum. That's all. See you 'round, Brown!

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I made some fanstuff. Here they are, listed in chronological order.


More to come!

Alternate Universe Portal

These are the userpages of my variations.


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