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That was fun! Did you make this game? Cuz I thought of a good idea for a game! Create your own Homestar Runner character! You can give it either a male or female body, dress it up and maybe mix two or more characters to make a Homestar character fusion! Stuff like that. I'm no good at games. So I do bases instead. Bubs.pngCoach ECoachZ.png

Yes, I made it. I'm going to make a Nebulon and a Stinkoman version too. I might use your idea as well! — SBLOUNSKCHED!Gfdgsgxgzgdrc (Talk/Cont/Fanstuff) 15:26, January 30, 2016 (EST)
So, you have a Scratch account? Cool. I thought youvonly used HRWiki, HRWiki forum, this wiki and its forum. Oh well. Have a good one Bubs.pngCoach ECoachZ.png