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Strong Lad is Strong Bad and Baddie's firstborn son. He looks very similar to baby Strong Bad from the Strong Bad Email highschool. He has a wrestle mask like both his parents, blue hair and a pink diamond like his mother and green eyes like his father.

Strong Lad is not at all mean like Strong Bad. He can be friendly at times, although he is a handful when playing with Bubs and Coach Z's babies Zubs and Coach B. According to Bubs, Strong Lad and the gabies (gay babies) don't really get along. Strong Lad loves the company from Strong Mad and Strong Sad. Strong Sad loves his little nephew very much but Strong Bad keeps telling him to stay away from his 'awesome' son. Strong Mad likes putting Strong Lad and Strong Sad's daughter Sarah on his head and running around with them. Strong Bad's okay with this as long as he's careful with them. Strong Lad doesn't like Marzipan very much because she makes him eat vegetables, although he likes playing with Homestar Runner.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Old-Timey Strong Lad (Old-Timey)

Stinkoboy (20X6)

Son-geresque (Dangeresque)

S. Lad (Xeriouxly Forxe)

Tron Lad (Spacestar Skater)

Strong Ladman (Strong Badman)

Storybook Strong Lad

Powered by The Cheat Strong Lad

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