Strong Bad Let's Plays/Trogdor's Big Movie: The Game

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Strong Bad Let's Plays #3

STRONG BAD: Hello! Strong Bad here! And I’m going to play the Trogdor’s Big Movie game, which is just a clone of another Videlectrix game, Pigs on Head. So whatcha gotta do is catch the Trogdors on Smartimer's head and give them to the Keepers of Trogdor. If Smartimer fails to catch a Trogdor, it's destroyed and Smartimer loses a life. Lose all three, and the game is over. Smartimer can only carry 10 Trogdors on his head at one time. Luckily, I got a cheat code that starts you off with 30 lives. If you pass the first 2 levels, it unlocks custom backgrounds, like Aardvark Pizza. The first level is easy. Like, very easy. You only get 9 Trogdors to stack. Gotta go!