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This is a list of fan Strong Bad Emails created by hr. They start where TBC left off before the real 206th sbemail was released.

List of Emails[edit | edit source]

Compy Tition emails[edit | edit source]

  • 227. homestripe powers — Homestripe demonstrates his super powers.
  • 226. stinko trek — Strong Bad interviews 1-Up and Stinkoman.
  • 225. slapstar — Strong Bad is asked if anyone in Free Country USA has a twin (other than The Twins themselves, of course), and Slipstar is revealed to have one.
  • 224. color detectorsPandora's world turns black and white.
  • 223. detectives — Two detectives need help solving a case.
  • 222. more spring cleaning — Strong Bad does some more spring cleaning by DELETING several emails. This is a sequel to the canon sbemail "spring cleaning."
  • 221. words per minute — Strong Bad is asked how many words he can type in a minute.
  • 220. homstipe — A misspelling of "Homestripe" leaves Strong Bad trying to find out what's up with Homstipe.
  • 219. alternate universe 2 — Strong Bad uses his alternate universe portal again. Senor Muybueno appears in this sbemail. First appearance of the Compy Tition (competition, get it?)

Aqua H20 emails[edit | edit source]

  • 218. virus 3 — The Aqua H20 gets a virus.
  • 217. boxing gloves — This email seems to contradict some kinda robot. Oh well. This is just how hr imagines Strong Bad's hands.
  • 216. switched mindshr may send this one to Strong Bad.

Zappy XT6 emails[edit | edit source]

  • 215. virus 2 — The Zappy XT6 gets a virus and Coaches C and D get literally joined at the hip.
  • 214. dangeresque 4 — Strong Bad shows the viewers his fourth Dangeresque film; Homsar gets a Dangeresque counterpart.
  • 213. time travel — Homestripe time travels.
  • 212. shrink ray — Strong Bad shrinks to the size of ant. The Grape-Nuts Robot appears in this sbemail.
  • 211. homstar — A misspelling of "Homestar" introduces Homstar.
  • 210. homesar — A misspelling of "Homsar" leaves Strong Bad attempting to find the best way to get rid of Homesar.
  • 209. total cardgage — Strong Bad imagines what would happen if Homsar met Senor Cardgage. Checked on the Aqua H20 instead of the Zappy XT6.
  • 208. clean-up — Strong Bad gets 8 emails and deletes every one.
  • 207. shirt — Strong Bad is asked to put on a shirt, but takes the email in a different direction instead.
  • 206. 26 color case — Strong Bad gets an email from Coach L.

Not Quite Strong Bad Emails[edit | edit source]

  • 205½. sbemail 205.5 — The Compé starts malfunctioning, so Strong Bad replaces it with the Zappy XT6.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

  • inbox — Send Strong Bad an email that he'll answer for you! Send Strong Bad an email that he'll answer for you!