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Strong Bad's Attractive Game for Cool People is a currently unfinished Homestar Runner-themed game by SRMX12, and is a project of Pixstar Runner. It is made with Scratch, a graphical programming language, and takes place in a pixelated re-creation of the Homestar Runner universe, with pixelated versions of the characters.

The name, obviously, was taken from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, a real PC/Wii game that was made in collaboration with the Brothers Chaps, and it was inspired by said game. However, it has an original plot, and original dialogue, made up by SRMX12, in an attempt to realistically maintain the Homestar Runner style.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Strong Bad's Attractive Game for Cool People is set in the modern Homestar Runner universe. (Strong Bad's current computer is the Lappier.) The protagonist, Strong Bad, is controlled around various scenes with the arrow keys. Similar to Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, certain objects may be interacted with by clicking on them. Many objects Strong Bad will simply comment on; others may be taken or used by Strong Bad to advance in the game. Characters, who appear in various places, may be similarly interacted with. There is no fixed, specific plot that continues throughout the entire game; it is instead divided into sub-plots with different objectives.

More information on the gameplay of Strong Bad's Attractive Game for Cool People will be added when the game is released.

Game Teaser[edit | edit source]

Main article: SBAG4CP - Coming Soon!

On December 19, 2015, SRMX12 shared a teaser for Strong Bad's Attractive Game for Cool People, titled "SBAG4CP: Coming Soon!". It shows a scene in The Field, where all the pixelated game sprites of the characters are standing, reminiscent of the ending scenes of Halloween toons. Certain characters can be clicked on to view dialogue between the characters, and a blue button can be clicked on to view screenshots from the upcoming game. The project will be added onto as the game continues to be developed.

SBAG4CP Development Blog[edit | edit source]

In the Notes and Credits section of the SBAG4CP game teaser, there is a fictional weblog (maintained by SRMX12) that contains entries from the Homestar Runner characters, explaining the development of the game.

Posted by Date Post
Strong Bad 5:12 PM 11/3/2016

I couldn't stop cringing when I heard those voices so I had Bubs take 'em out. Maybe I should have hired The Cheat after all. Incidentally, I think "Coming Soon" is a little bit of a hyperbole. I've seen how many cobwebs are on the sourcecode.

Homestar Runner 9:27 PM 2/4/2016

Oh haldo, everyone! Apparently this company that's makin' this game is makin' other stuff too. Animasche-type stuff. So... check that out. When it comes out. Okay, bye!

Strong Bad 2:31 PM 1/26/2016

Have you ever sent an email to my non-pixelated counterpart, only to have it cruelly not answered? As of now, you can now send Strong Bad Emails to, and watch my pixelated awesomeness give it all the snark I got! More information at

Strong Bad 9:43 PM 1/13/2016

For all you clamoring fans out there, we've decided to include some cool screenshots from our attractive game for your gazemazement! Just click the blue button in the corner of the screen for a sample of style. More o' thems will be coming soon!

Homestar Runner 6:43 PM 1/9/2016

Alright! Everybody's here now! Even the Poopsmith! Now we can literally and figuratively get this standing-out-in-The-Field show on the road! Which... we've been doing already. For several weeks. Hey, what's that smell?

Strong Sad 5:27 PM 1/8/2016

Oh, hi everyone, I guess. Sorry it took me so long to show up... I finally convinced Strong Bad into adding the doorway of my bedroom to the game. It's tough when the lead developer is your brother who hates you. I wonder what other features he's going to try to swindle me out of.

Strong Bad 12:02 PM 12/30/2015

Alright, Ultra Voice Mode is all up and running. Press the space bar to hear our "voices". Ugh, whoever they hired to do the voices is terrible, though. The Cheat could've done better.

Homestar Runner 10:20 PM 12/29/2015

Hey, check it out! We're currently installing "Ultra Voice Mode" into this thing, so you can hear us talk in really bad imitation not-quite-our-voices! It'll be great.

Strong Bad 4:58 PM 12/28/2015

Hey guys, sorry about the updates that have been not happening lately. Decemberween happened. You know. We should be able to get back on track pretty dang soon.

Strong Bad 4:25 PM 12/22/2015

Oh, uh... hi, Pom Pom! Sorry for forgetting about you earlier. Thanks for showing up. How ya bubblin'?

Strong Bad 6:01 PM 12/21/2015

Jeez, my Lappier's so sensitive that it gets a fatal error when I try to watch TV. This is gonna need to be resolved before any progress is made on the game. In other news, I think the only characters who are missing at this point are the Poopsmith and my dump of a brother.

Coach Z 5:31 PM 12/21/2015

Hey! Uh... hi! I'm here now! Out on the fierld! ... Who's gonna be forst to ask me fer some attagraffs? No?

Strong Bad 5:25 PM 12/19/2015

We're done pixel-rendering the basement... it looks a-pretty nice. We're still having a bit of trouble getting the ol' Telebision working, though.

Marzipan 11:27 AM 12/19/2015

Okay, everyone, I'm here now. I really don't like the way these pixels make my face look, though. Strong Bad tells me he likes it, but I think he's just making fun of me.

Homestar Runner 7:59 PM 12/18/2015

Whew! Finally got this game teaser thing shared. So we got that going for us. Which is nice. Marzipan told me she'll come and join us a bit later.

Strong Bad 5:28 PM 12/18/2015

Hey, Bubs showed up at The Field! I had to convince him first that it wasn't a plot to get him out of his concession stand... I think he bought it.

Strong Bad 3:48 PM 12/18/2015

We're working on sorting out some technical issues right now. My Lappier keeps getting all these error messages. It's annoying the crap outta me.