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Stinkoman Email #11: Deal

Summary: Stinkoman receives an email asking what 20X6 Marzipan's "deal" is, but there is nothing wrong with 20X6 Marzipan.

Cast (in order of appearance): Stinkoman, Marzi-Mei, 1-Up

Places: Stinkoman Headquarters

Date: December 24, 2020


Stinkoman Email #11: Deal

{It opens up, in the location that Stinkoman Email usually opens up at. That is correct. Stinkoman Headquarters. Stinkoman is typing out on his holographic computer screen. This is how the email starts.}

STINKOMAN: {singing} Each email to understand the power that's inside!

Dear Stinkoman,
What's the deal with 20X6 Marzipan?
Desmond D.

STINKOMAN: {typing} I know exactly what you mean, Desmond! Like, is she even the real deal? Is her deal real? These questions and more shall be answered as we sit down and interview the 20X6 version of Marzipan.

{Screen-wipe to Marzi-Mei sitting on a chair, interview-style. She is being interviewed by Stinkoman who is behind the camera. It cuts back and forth between them like an interview segment would. There is applause.}

STINKOMAN: Thank you, thank you. Today we are going to be interviewing 20X6 Marzipan or, as we all know her, Marzi-Mei. So, allow me to ask the first question. What is your deal?

MARZI-MEI: Well, I'm the only girl for one.

STINKOMAN: Fascinating. Anything else?

MARZI-MEI: I'm not in the spotlight as much as everyone else is. I'll make a brief cameo here or there, but it doesn't seem like I'm brought along for the adventures.

STINKOMAN: That is so interesting!

MARZI-MEI: I should never not be on adventures. You have no idea how frustrating it is to get ignored!

STINKOMAN: Uhuh, uhuh. Right, well, I wasn't really listening to whatever it was that you were going on about. But, I'm sure it was great! Thanks for the content!

MARZI-MEI: Why I oughta-

{Marzi-Mei gets distracted as 1-Up walks on-screen and stands in front of the camera.}

1-UP: Hmm. Something seems different about you, Marzi-man. But, I can't quite put my finger on it.

STINKOMAN: Uh, 1-Up. You don't have any fingers.

1-UP: I don't? Oh no! Not again!

{1-Up runs off screen, exaggerated anime tears flowing from her face.}

MARZI-MEI: In all seriousness, maybe you could include me in the next adventure?

STINKOMAN: Hmm, weren't you in a bunch of our adventures though? I'm vaguely recall there was that one instance where we did the thing and it lead to that other thing!

MARZI-MEI: Yes, but those are just things! Not adventures.

STINKOMAN: Oh, Marzi-Mei. Don't you see? Everything and anything can be an adventure if you put your heart and mind to it.

MARZI-MEI: That seems like a cop-out!

{1-Up jumps back on-screen.}

1-UP: No, but seriously, something is totally off about Marzi-Mei! Like a glitch in the Matrix kind of situ-ma-tation!

STINKOMAN: Ugh, 1-Up. Can't you see that I'm in the middle of making Internet content? I got to self-promote myself as "the guy" after-all.

1-UP: But, didn't we debunk the whole "you being the guy" thing a couple of emails ago?

STINKOMAN: No. That never happened. Nothing ever happens and time is an illusion and also shut up.

MARZI-MEI: Yeah, I think I'm just going to go now.

STINKOMAN: But, wait. We haven't gotten to the core of what your deal is yet!

MARZI-MEI: Fine then. What would you like to know?

1-UP: I still can't put my finger on it! Like, did you do something with your hair? Did you do something with your... face?

MARZI-MEI: {sarcastically} Yes, 1-Up. All girls are shape-shifters.

1-UP: I knew it! I must tell the people!

{Marzi-Mei seems pleased with herself as 1-Up runs out of Stinkoman Headquarters, finally giving them the chance to proceed with the interview.}

STINKOMAN: Well, now that 1-Up's distracted for a while, won't you play us a song?

MARZI-MEI: Hmm, I don't know. I don't usually play my guitar unless I'm in the middle of a challenge. It is quite transcendental.

STINKOMAN: What does that mean?

MARZI-MEI: It means that it should only be played when we're in the middle of a challenge.

STINKOMAN: {gasps} Are you asking me for a challeeeeeeeeeenge?

MARZI-MEI: Well, I mean- I wasn't. But, we could go for a round or two if you truly are in the mood for it.

STINKOMAN: Marzi-Mei, ha-ha-ha! When am I not in the mood for a challenge?

MARZI-MEI: Very well, then.

{Marzi-Mei proceeds to play the greatest and most well-animated song that you can possibly imagine. Whatever your favorite genre of music is, she plays a remixed version of the Stinkoman 20X6 first level song in that specific genre. Whatever epic song you imagine in your head, that is what she is playing. It metaphorically and physically blows Stinkoman away, leaving him blasting through the Stinkoman Headquarters building and landing in some rubble with 1-Up not too far away.}

1-UP: Wow, even this version of Marzi-mon can kick your butt, Stinkoman!

STINKOMAN: Ugh, mumble, fumble, groan.

Fun Facts

  • Marzi-Mei is the 20X6 version of Marzipan. Always has been and always will be.
  • Stinkoman asking other characters for a challenge is a reoccuring gag in the main show and acts as his catchphrase in a similar vein to Strong Bad's own "holy crap".
  • 1-Up alludes to events that happened in the email, "Origin". In that episode of Stinkoman Email, a possibly unreliable flashback from Pan Pan revealed that Stinkoman made up the whole "the guy" concept in order to make himself sound a lot better than he actually was. The idea being that the concept of "the guy" alone was enough to make people believe that it was real through word-of-mouth. Whether this is actually true or not is left to interpretation.