Spacestar Skater

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Spacestar Skater is a Homestar Runner universe created by Coach E. It features the Homestar Runner characters in space and it's like an 80s cartoon.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Spacestar Skater (Homestar Runner)

Tron Bad (Strong Bad)

Alien Cheat (The Cheat)

Tron Mad (Strong Mad)

Tron Sad (Strong Sad)

Lazerpan (Marzipan)

Cosmic Z (Coach Z)

Buzz Bubs (Bubs)

Self-insert OCs[edit | edit source]

Cosmic/Spacegirl E (Coach E)

Gfdgspace (Gfd)

Planetm'n (Piem'n)

SpaceRMX1200 (SRMX12)

Spacstlar (Honstlar/Branderson)

Other OCs[edit | edit source]

Zub-Zub (Zubs)

Cosmic B (Coach B)

Palnet (Pal)

Budly Way (Buddy)

Kideroid (Kid)

Buzz Bubs Jr (Bubs Jr)

Olymplanet (Olympia)

Baddeteor (Baddie)

Gfdgsgxgzgdrc's variations[edit | edit source]

Spacsar (Homsar)

The Emperor of Planet (The King of Town)

The Meteorsmith (The Poopsmith)

Com Com (Pom Pom)

Senor Lightspeed (Senor Cardgage)

Original Buzz (Original Bubs)

Space-Tooth Buzz (Shark-Tooth Bubs)

Onion Buzz (Onion Bubs)

Archie the Asteroid (Marshie the Marshmallow)

Zogdor the Cosminator (Trogdor the Burninator)

Nebulon (himself)

The Fly-Thru Space Whale (The Drive-Thru Whale)

Dangertron (Dangeresque)

Dangertron Too? (Dangeresque Too?)

F-Ship (F-Sack)

Humiditron 3000 (Humidibot)

Horrible Hologram (Horrible Painting)

Visor Spacetron (Visor Robot)

Toony Moony (Tony Stony)

Alien Bear Holding A Robotic Shark (Bear Holding a Shark)

Balding Alien (Balding Man)

Bad Graphics Alien (Bad Graphics Ghost)

Lazerhaver (Gunhaver)

Rather Daring (Rather Dashing)

Steve. Repeat, Steve. Roger. (Eh! Steve)

Ready for Spacetime (Ready for Primetime)

Moonschool Lightspeeder (Homeschool Winner)