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Shiryoko-san (referred to as "Spike Batty" in dialogue) is the 20X6 variant of The Haunt. Xe is an archetypal anime rival and is known for starting fights with Stinkoman (or anyone who is nearby,) over ridiculous disagreements. Xir catchphrase is "tch... no way!"

Fun facts[edit | edit source]

  • Shiryoko is a made up name that literally translates to "ghost kid"
  • Shiryoko-san wears a typical Japanese school uniform, however, xe is wearing a boys' top and a girls' skirt.
  • Xe refers to xemself as Shiryoko-san, even though in Japanese one is not supposed to include an honorific (san, in this case) when talking about themself.
  • Xir favourite food is takoyaki, which is octopus fried in batter. This is unexpected because The Haunt has a seafood allergy.
  • Xem having a different name in text vs audio is a reference to the tendency of many earlier English adaptions of anime and video games to change characters' names.