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The Cheat moves west to Bubs' Concession Stand.

HOMESTAR: Lost sight of the perpetrator!

Homestar moves east to Senor Cardgage's bush...where Slipstar already is.

HOMESTAR: Is that all you got, you little crabcake?


Slipstar grows many extra hands and grows larger. This scares Homestar so much he retreats and goes back west to The Field.

Strong Mad goes east to Bubs' Concession Stand...where The Cheat already is.


THE CHEAT: Strong Mad!

Strong Sad is stuck with Homsar and doesn't move.

Homsar Reservation Bubs' Concession Stand (Strong Mad) (The Cheat) Marzipan's House Club Technochocolate
Homestripe's House Homestar's House The Coach Castle House of the Brothers Strong (Strong Sad) (Homsar)
The Stick The Field (Homestar Runner) Senor Cardgage's Bush (Slipstar Runner) Race Track (Homestripe Runner) (Fog of Confusion)
The King of Town's Castle (Weena) Stone Bridge (Coach Z) CGNU Strong Badia

Move Homestripe south

Move Slipstar north

Move Slipstar south

Move Slipstar west

Move Weena north

Move Coach Z north

Move Coach Z east

Move Homsar north

Move Homsar west

Move The Cheat south

Move The Cheat east

Move The Cheat west