Review Revue/Trogdor Hi-Score Club Patch Blind Bags (Original Line)

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Everyone has a high score on Trogdor, so that's why the Trogdor Hi-Score Club and Flopps expanded their popular Trogdor stickers with a series of patches in blind bags! I also have a package of Trogdor Hi-Score Club cloth patches inside. Without further ado, let us begin!

So this is Series 1, which has 11 patches to collect, including a mystery one. Which consist of Trogdor, a Peasant, a Thatched Roof Cottage, Red And Blue Knights, Archer, Troghammer, The Keepers of Trogdor, Kerrek, Jhonka, and Rather Dashing, who is the mystery one. These patches are very well made, and they also perfectly fit in with all 16 series of Flopps’ Trogdor Stickers, which have the same design as the patches. And in true Trogdor Stickers fashion, there’s a stick of gum inside, which the flavor was fantastic but hard to chew. Pick!

- Strong Sad

Bonus Review[edit | edit source]

The cloth patches have the same design as the stickers and patches, but the cloth patches are terribly made, unlike the stickers and patches. Miss!

-Strong Sad