Review Revue/Bedroom and Bathroom Scenes: A Stony Horror Fan Film DVD

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"Let's use the time warp agaiiiiiinnn!"

The Stony Horror Picture Show is pretty much a dead franchise, but I think the fans still haven't gotten the message yet. Including this fan short film some fan club member made. Which is about this girl named Carolina, who's in Denton, the Home of Happiness. At least this short is better than Shock Treatment and the TV sequel. This short was released at the Summer Geeky Film Fest at Free Country Theaters in 2006 before Stony Horror. It was later released on DVD. Without further ado, let's begin!

So this short was released by Orphan Things Prods, which also made that abomination known as WaterProof. The bonus features are deleted scenes, behind the scenes, outtakes, and the trailer. It's available on Amazon and by way of HacVax here. Now, the cover art is not exactly stunning. But it is what it is. It's just a copy of the Kike Mrahulik poster for the short, which is fine, making it Gamerjox-ish. I don't think it should be my first thought. I can imagine I'll be less forgiving if they then announce the next film will be about me. Pick!/Miss!

-Strong Sad