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Apr 20 2021 View Science Fiction Greg: Uh, I think there are some foots, and uh, perchance a balls? 4 Gregs
Apr 6 2021 View Homestar Runner: Hold! Whilst thy banter is the freshest of any month-old fruit, I must away, you popinjays! I'm off to find me lute! Forsooth! Tis True
Mar 18 2021 View Strong Bad: Woah. Guess I can conjure ceiling pizzas now. Fish Eye Lens
Feb 27 2021 View Strong Sad: The jodhpurs did not work out! They did not work out! Why, jodhpurs? Why'd you do that to me, jodhpurs? How could you do this to me, jodhpurs? Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
Feb 11 2021 View Vector Penguin Strong Bad: YOUR HEAD A SPENGUIN @StrongBadActual
Nov 7 2020 View Penguin Strong Bad: Oh man, I keep havin' this one dream... @StrongBadActual
Jul 30 2020 View Powered by The Cheat Homestar Runner: Hi, Strong Bad. I can do it all the time. Georgia Tech - 26 Apr 2007
Jul 11 2020 View Homestar Runner: When is Strong Bad gonna make that Dangersqueal 3? Dangersqueal 3: The Squealiest Danger. the movies commentary
Jun 19 2020 View The Announcer: For years, he's thrilled and captivated himself with his music. And now, it's your turn. Strong Bad Sings
May 1 2020 View Strong Bad: Oh, those were awesome. Who needs a million dollars when we can listen to squeaky water pump when ever we want? Space Program Alternate Take
Jan 13 2020 View Larry Palaroncini: Let's Nite Mamas again, let's Nite Mamas agai— Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
Dec 5 2019 View Homestar Runner: Strong Bad, while I'm down here, can you help me finish this word search? I can't find "dextrose-flavornoids". specially marked
Nov 11 2019 View Strong Bad: This is actually a costume of Strong Bad after he's been... run over twelve times! By a cliff. Off a skyscraper. Into a discount... felt... surplus... store. Fan Costumes '09
Oct 29 2019 View Marzipan: Oh, jingle jangle, he is my friend. Jingle jangle, he is my friend. Jingle jingle, jangle jangle, jingle jingle, jangle jangle. Everyone should have a jingle jangle. long pants commentary
Sep 29 2019 View Shark-Tooth Bubs: I got my jingle jangle man, movie man, on the chicken stand. long pants commentary
Aug 17 2019 View Homestar Runner Fan Costume: Yes, Strong Bad, I ate Luigi. He tasted like mushrooms. Fan Costumes '06
Jun 20 2019 View

Homestar Runner: Homestar Runner for sale! Slightly used and mostly confused!
Requested by MJ Sketchy

garage sale
Jun 2 2019 View Strong Bad: Let's fhqwhgads again! Let's fhqwhgads again! You remember that song, from that one summer. It was really good, and you emailed it to all your friends. Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
Mar 28 2019 View Squished Bad: Ohh... These grapes are succulently crushing my windpipe. Ooh, but they're seedless! Strongest Man in the World
Mar 17 2019 View The Popular Vote Costume's Parent: Darling! I thought you'd agreed to dress up as a Toblerone this year. Fan Costumes 2015
Mar 3 2019 View

Powered by The Cheat Homestar Lure: Steep prices and trees!
Requested by Branderson

Feb 16 2019 View Visor Robot: Senor Cardgage Mortgage helped consolidate my whole life into this tiny box. Senor Mortgage
Feb 9 2019 View Peasant's Quest Response: Dan's still okay. Got a place on Dekalb with Rick and his wife. Slimmed up a bit and looking towards the future. Peasant's Quest
Dec 30 2018 View Bubs: There was this one time when I hooked up my lawnmower to my Nintendo. And after that, I got the high score every time! Pulse Interview - 1 Aug 2003
Oct 18 2018 View Balding Man: EeeeEEEHhhh... Multiple toons
Sep 22 2018 View Homestar Runner: {in a green mobile text-style bubble} Hey Marzipan. This is Homestar Runner. I heard that you got a new smartphone, so instead of leaving a message, I'm texting this to you. {images of a smileyman, winky smileyman, wineglass, wineglass, '90s camcorder} Send. Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
Aug 26 2018 View Homestar Runner with lowered eyebrows: I'm tapping, I'm talking, it's like an adventure. {A Tapatalk logo watermark is seen over the image, along with the text "See full image for $99.99"} Edited quote from SBCG4AP Gameplay Trailer
Aug 9 2018 View Dilapidated PhoneTime XL8: We're sorry, the mailbox of the answering machine you're trying to prank is full! Please try again later. Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
Jul 23 2018 View Head-Nub or Nub-Head: {blurred text, possibly reading "I hate your shoes" or variations of the phrase} disconnected
Jul 8 2018 View Homestar Runner: Written in Sharpie on the bathroom wall of HISTORY! Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2
Jun 16 2018 View

Strong Bad: Chowderworth Gruelmanger?! You call that an overly-complicated old-timey last name?! That is bush-league, son! I am sick and tired of this crap! And I'm sick of losing to Purdue!
Requested by Branderson

The Next April Fools Thing
Jun 13 2018 View

Homsar as Zebraman: {in his cartoony speech bubble from the toon} Just for a minute let's all do the bump. Bump. Bump.
Requested by Branderson

Later That Night...
Jun 8 2018 View Strong Bad: Ohh you-thought-there-was-no-more-emails-but-guess-what-there's-an-EMAIL! website
Jun 8 2017 View The Poopsmith: 100 quote-times, exhausting just to think about. How can we face 100 quote-times? The thought of all those quote-times makes me weeeeeeeeeeak! Edited from email thunder
May 29 2017 View Strong Bad: Holy paunch!! This is extensive! And up to the minute-accurate! @StrongBadActual
May 18 2017 View Strong Bad: {against a black background, only eyes showing} Whoa, where are we? I suddenly feel so... easy to animate. your edge
Apr 23 2017 View Trogdor: Teen Trog Squad! Trogleader! Such and Such! Wormdingler! The Suckly One! @StrongBadActual
Apr 13 2017 View Bubs: I suppose we could talk about my napkin friend for another couple hours.
Coach Z: YOUR napkin?! Well, it's got my snot balls on it!
Apr 1 2017 View Strong Bad: {the image is glitchy and the text is unreadable} Quote of the Time exclusive
Mar 3 2017 View Strong Sad: Ooh, and he had a cameo as Stevedore #2 in the prequel! the movies
Feb 16 2017 View Vector Strong Bad: {the quote box is in vector style} YOUR HEAD ENGSMSPLODE fan club
Jan 24 2017 View Gardenboy: {everything in parentheses are a lighter shade of gray} (Gardenboy!) He's plantin' the seeds! (Gardenboy!) He's pullin' out the weeds! (Gardenboy!) He's gonna bring you to your knees! (He's the il Cartographer, I mean, Gardenboy!) yes
Jan 21 2017 View Bubs: That onion has some serious jimmy teeth! original commentary
Jan 18 2017 (edited Jan 19) View Unfortunately, the Wagon Fulla Pancakes doesn't talk, which means we don't have a quote for it. Quote of the Time exclusive
Jan 7 2017 View F-Sack: Aw man, Humidibot. Sometimes I wish you'd just leave me alone. Quote of the Time exclusive
Jan 4 2017 View Humidibot: Hi, Strong Bad! I'm Humidibot! Fan Costumes 2015
Jan 1 2017 View

Strong Bad: I had a dream that my friend had a Strong Bad pop-up book! It was the book of my dreams!
Requested by SRMX12

Dec 30 2016 View

Strong Bad as David Lee Roth: I WILL KILL HIM! If he doesn't put on some more clothes. Eugh. Molded plastic panties.
Requested by Branderson

The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
Dec 1 2016 View Coach Z: {fisheye effect} I'm sorry, did you just say waughmp waughmp? Fish Eye Lens
Nov 9 2016 View Homestar: {blurry image} Hey, are you okay? How many fingers am I holding up? Main Page 24
Nov 1 2016 View Strong Sad: Look out, Julian Ca-sa-blanc-as! Record Store Day
Oct 14 2016 View Puppet Homestar: C'mon, ya little placemat! strong badathlon
Sept 21 2016 View Old-Timey Strong Bad: Waughmp waughmp, I say, waughmp waughmp! Everything IS better with this pescatary occulation! Fish Eye Lens
Sept 19 2016 View Sickly Sam: This empty bag of Delicious "Bag" would make a fine sock for the colder of my two feet. Mr. Shmallow
Sept 5 2016 View

The Homestar Runner: E'erybody, e'erybody.
Old-Timey Strong Bad: Insert one pence for tomfoolery!

Aug 29 2016 View Old-Timey Strong Bad: Smashing! ...No, I mean... start smashing! Yes! It's curtains for you, Ming vase! 2 emails
Aug 12 2016 View Rumble Red: But, earthling, they don't have polymascotfoamalate on my planet, rumble. 4 branches
Aug 9 2016 View Old-Timey Strong Bad: {in old-timey black and white} What happened to my website? Kick the Can commentary
Jul 1 2016 View Strong Bad: {moving his mouth as if he's talking} Okay, next on the checklist: lots of animated gifs! Or... jifs... or however you say it. I don't know. I heard a couple of nerds arguing about it one time. website
Jun 25 2016 View

Homestar Runner Wearing Monocle: Bangers and mash! It isn't in the post box either!
Requested by SRMX12

Where My Hat is At?
Jun 19 2016 View Strong Bad: Just you wait, The Cheat! Someday I'll be the one tearing tickets and telling people forty-twan will be on their lest! the movies
Jun 15 2016 View Shark-Tooth Thnikkaman: Yeah! Shout it- ...shout 'em around, kid... I... I used to sell TVs. @StrongBadActual
Jun 11 2016 View Strong Bad: Aw, paunch! Just got my new Compy phone. Does anbody know which one of these is the car charger?! @StrongBadActual
Jun 7 2016 View Homestar: I can't wait to see what kind of restaurant those hamsters open up next! 2 Part Episode: Part 1
May 31 2016 View Gunhaver: Uh, good call, sir. That guy was always way too concerned with acronyms. 2 Part Episode: Part 1
May 25 2016 View Blue Laser Commander: What kind of power-up is "moist beam"?! 2 Part Episode: Part 1
May 22 2016 View F-Sack: Aw, man, Strong Bad. Sometimes, I wish you had named me Horse Giblets. Flash is Dead!
May 19 2016 View New Jibblies Painting: Wa-hey-hey-hey! Well, come on in here! The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
May 16 2016 View

The Thnikkaman: Yeah, shut up, to one and all o' dang y'all!
Requested by Bubs

Happy Dethemberween
May 14 2016 View Strong Bad as David Lee Roth: You do NOT call Large Bean "teenie-weenie-beanie"! The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
May 1 2016 View Strong Mad: THIS HALLOWEEN'S NOT WORKING! The House That Gave Sucky Tricks
Apr 24 2016 View Coach Z: Hey, maybe we should start calling you SS! For STRONG SAD! Hehyorhorheehor! rampage
Apr 20 2016 View Homestar: Wo-ho! Check it out! I'm vulnerable and should be updated. Flash is Dead!
Apr 17 2016 View Dooble: Dooble, and dooble, and dooblie doo! Two More Eggs - "Dooble: Dooblie Doo"
Apr 12 2016 View

Strong Bad: 'Tis ne'er e'er o'er, m'lo'er o' clo'er.
Requested by Ilikepie38

love poems
Apr 10 2016 View Strong Sad: You can't make up no words say broached! Strong Bad Classics!
Apr 2 2016 View Shark-Tooth Bubs: Let us rest in the wake of hours beneath, for tomorrow is a brand style, courageously
affording the brothers of our lester brothers.
Puppets on the Road
Mar 30 2016 View

Bubs: Hey, hey, hey, step right up and trade your money for some stuff!
Requested by Bubs

Mar 28 2016 View Bubs: Checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitout
Lookin at a Thing in a Bag
Mar 26 2016 View Strong Sad: The quill! The page! Ly-ric, rampage! Um... Word up? rampage
Mar 24 2016 View Onion Bubs: Welcome to MY world! Eheheheheheh! Doomy Tales of the Macabre
Mar 10 2016 View Strong Bad: I love that part! Read it again, slowly, and... backwards. dreamail
Mar 5 2016 View Coach Z: My whole deal's backed up with actual scientific findings and rotating computer graphics, so you know it's legit! Coach Z's 110%
Feb 26 2016 View Strong Bad: {the entire quote is drawn and colored using a computer} Once again, your visual style just looks thrown together. It looks like you don't care. Main Page 15
Jan 30 2016 View Storybook Strong Sad: Let me away from this boulder! Main Page 20
Jan 22 2016 View Storybook Coach Z: "I'ma go shower up!" flashback
Jan 19 2016 View The Homestar Runner (storybook): "Ina-pro-pro!" barfed the Queen of England. Halloween Safety
Jan 11 2016 View Tiny-Handed Strong Bad: "You see, 3 is clearly a smaller number than a million," said Strong Bad. flashback
Jan 3 2016 View Bubs: How am I supposed to get inside my car?
Coach Z: How am I supposed to get out of my new apratment?
Jan 1 2016 View Sloshy: It's an early demo. But we only make-a early demos. Depends how big the stereogum blows. Gum blows, yeah! Record Store Day
Dec 26 2015 View Strong Bad: Cheer up, Bubs! At least you're not on fire!
Bubs: That's the best compliment you could come up with?!
SBCG4AP Tutorial
Dec 15 2015 View Stinkoman: {pixelated} WHAT HAPPENS? I'M SAD IN SIDE A WALL! Stinkoman 20X6 Level -0 Beginning Cutscene
Dec 13 2015 View Old-Timey Homsar: Daaaaah, I'm a melody from the 1800s! Quote of the Time exclusive (similar to interview)
Dec 11 2015 View Homsar: I have a piiiiiiiiiie. Quote of the Time exclusive
Dec 5 2015 View Homsar: DaAaAaAaAaAaah, don't request the tape-leg, cake machine! Quote of the Time exclusive
Nov 28 2015 View Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad: {poorly drawn} I can do it! I will do it nine times! crazy cartoon
Nov 6 2015 View Old-Timey Strong Bad: {in old-timey black and white} I'll give you old-timey, you mountebank! Sample of Style
Nov 1 2015 View Strong Bad: Hey! Who taped a full-color photo to my computer screen? It won't come off! independent
Oct 21 2015 View King of Town: Somebody get the door! I'll get it! KOT's VOQPCS!
Sept 28 2015 View Stinkoman: One day you'll get your baby turn! For babies! Who have a turn! 8-Bit is Enough
Sept 15 2015 View Doreauxgard: Hey, there, Mr. Bubs. I'm from the collection agency. You missed your last payment. Gonna have to bust your kneecaps if ya don't pay up! lackey
Aug 31 2015 View Upside Down Strong Bad: !derob os m'I ,hO Strong Bad's Message Bored
Aug 18 2015 View Everybody Everybody: ONION BUBS! ONION BUBS! original
Aug 14 2015 View Cheatball: Cheatball. trading cards
Aug 9 2015 View Coach Z: Coach Z, 1-2-3, sneaking my way on to this DVD... strongbad_email.exe Disc Six
Jul 24 2015 View Strong Bad: Positate without pizzaz and jam! rock opera
Jul 18 2015 View The King of Town: Booo! impression
Jul 9 2015 View Original Bubs: Who ate all the mayo off of my egg salad? And HOW?! original
Jul 3 2015 View Homsar: GrRrRraaauuughnck there, Rubbermaid, can you redirect me to the nearest Puke-valanche? dictionary
Jun 27 2015 View Bubs: We'll start at the tip, and work our way to the tup! the chair
Jun 18 2015 View Strong Sad: Thank you! Thank you! I'm simultaneously honored and insulted to be involved in this contest for the fourth year in a row. impression
Jun 8 2015 View Chorch: Hey, you aren't supposed to talk down there! And don't call me pinchy! I do have a name, y'know! Chorch! 8-Bit is Enough
Jun 6 2015 View Homsar: Hello, Strong Bad. What's the haps? Strong Badia The Free
May 30 2015 View Homsar as Strong Sad: AaAaAaAh'm cryin' on the insiiiiide! impression
May 28 2015 View The Poopsmith: ... Multiple toons
May 6 2015 View Strong Mad: THE CHEAT IS SO A COW! do over
Apr 25 2015 View The Homestar Runner (storybook): "This yard work is hard work!" The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
Apr 18 2015 View Homestar as The Cheat: Squeekicoo! I'm The Cheat! do over
Apr 13 2015 View Senor Cardgage: I dan't know why. Exprecially since you have this can of peas to look forward to. garage sale
Apr 11 2015 View Homestar Runner: Happy Days Reunion, Photoshop! Flash 10th Birthday
Mar 30 2015 View Strong Bad: Welcome to the high voice crew! I hope you have a high voice too! When you got a high voice, you don't have a choice, your voice is high all the time... helium
Mar 26 2015 View Strong Sad: Once upon a time, here's the type of thing that happened. The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar
Mar 20 2015 View Coach Z: Um, double pants. rock opera
Mar 3 2015 View Puppet Strong Bad: Man, who knew being king of the pile would be sooooooooooooooo exciting. The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar
Feb 26 2015 View H. Star: Everybody! E-E-E-Everybody! Xeriouxly Forxe
Feb 23 2015 View Sickly Sam: Am I up with the times? April Fool 2014
Feb 18 2015 View Vector Strong Bad: WELL, MY HEAD A SPLODE Main Page 21
Feb 12 2015 View Stinkoman: Whoooaaaa, making small rocks float up off the GROOOUUUND! Twenty THANXTY Six
Feb 11 2015 View Jumping Jack Homestar: Strong! Making! Draconian! Marshmallow! Poink! April Fool 2014
Feb 7 2015 View Eh! Steve!: Eh, greg! haircut outtake
Feb 5 2014 View Tiny-Handed Strong Bad: Get your entire face out of here, lady's legs duck shirt. Halloween Safety
Feb 2 2015 View Homsar: Udyeah, what ees it, Strong Bayaaaaad? homsar

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