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Pixel Strong Bad Emails is an email show created by wiki user SRMX12, and is a feature of Pixstar Runner. It is a series of animations wherein a pixelated version of Strong Bad answers real emails from Homestar Runner fans, within a pixelated world. This version of Strong Bad can be emailed at srmx12x@gmail.com, or in the official wiki inbox, linked to below.

These animations are created on Scratch, a graphical, kid-friendly programming language, and often contain numerous Easter eggs, similar to the original show.

So far, two emails have been created plus a teaser cartoon.

Inbox[edit | edit source]

> Click here to e-mail Pixel Strong Bad

Strong Bad Emails[edit | edit source]

Promotional Animations[edit | edit source]

Lappier Emails[edit | edit source]

  1. time travel
  2. cheeseburgers
  3. wildlife(coming soon)
  4. strong badia(coming soon)