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The 314 Logo

The two comics on this page are CPB Wrestling and They Must be Giants.

The Characters are: Froot, Bee, Katie 5, Inkblot, Lawyer Bee, Magic Book, Ajkt IV, Droopy Clock, Honey Soup, Bee of the Alps, Bee Extinguisher, Jimmy, Jeff, Apiap, John Linnel, John Flansburgh, Robot John Linnel, Light Fixture Lugace, Mia Farrow (Mentioned), Tony (mentioned), Paula (mentioned), Jazuel (mentioned) James Jr. (mentioned), Darxine (mentioned), Robot Jimmy (mentioned), Mary (mentioned)

Transcript: see Jimmy Wiki/ page 314 transcript

Fun Facts

Real World References

-CPB is a direct parody of WWE and the page logo is a reference to that.

-They Might Be Giants is a real band

-Mustafar is the lava planet from Star Wars III

In World References

-Ajkt IV is from page 22

-The People in Jimmy's House have appeared before

-Bees are a species in Jimmy who live in the Hive


-In the last panel of side A, the ropes on the ring are missing

-Scummy Tom is not mentioned by Jeff but later mentioned by Jimmy

-Jazuel is planned to have TWO rooms to sleep in, which was a big mistake

Flash Forward

-They Might Be Giants have appeared more still living in Jimmy's house

-Bees have appeared more, in Nerds in the Hive

-Droopy Clock has been replaced by a deppressed Bagel Nerd

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