Halloween Oh '15/Other Halloween '15 Costumes

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The side costumes from the first two chapters.

Character Costume Explanation External Links
Homsar Frank Zappa Frank Zappa was a musician, formerly part of the Mothers of Invention, whose genre spawned from rock to jazz to classical. His format combined songs with collective improvisations and studio-generated sound collages. His songs often humoursly used reflected his icolastic views and later on made much use out of combining impresisve music with juvinle lyrics. He died December 4, 1993. Wikipedia Article
Homestar Runner Dipper Pines Dipper is a character from the cartoon 'Gravity Falls. He is a 12-year old who, along with his twin sister Mabel, is forced to spend a summer at his great uncle's tourist trap in the show's eponymous location. His main purpose is to investigate and find explanations of the various paranormal goings-on in the area. Wikipedia Article
Marzipan Giffany Giffany is a character from the Gravity Falls episode "Soos and the Real Girl". She is the main character of a cursed dating simulator entitled Romance Academy 7. She acts friendly to the player at first, but if they get a girlfriend in real-life, she will promptly attempt to destroy her and download the player's mind into the game so they can be together forever. She can travel through any sort of electric current, be seen on any screen, and take control of any electronic device. She was destroyed when the game's disk was thrown into a fire. Gravity Falls Wiki Article
Strong Bad Darth Vader How do you not know who Darth Vader is? Are you an idiot? Wikipedia Article