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Summary[edit | edit source]

THORAX has Stardom Solutions for all of your 2,000 parts.

Cast (in order of appearance): Gent Delabor, Sted Delabor Rode Delabor, Beavis, Coach Z (easter egg)

Places: Gent's Parents' Basement, Gent's Studio, Sted's Room, Living Room, Doctor's Office, Outside Gent's Parents' House, Coach Z's Locker Room (easter egg)

Page Title: BABY GOT THORAX!!!

Release Date: February 11, 2010

Transcript[edit | edit source]

GENT DELABOR: More like, I want to escape The Pina Colada Song!

<blockquote="stardom"> Ear Gent,

What is that hideous growth on your butt? It's gross!

GENT DELABOR: {typing} Dear Zoa-roka. At this point, everybody knows that I am Gent Delabor, Sr., CEO and Chief Executive Officer of THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. Aside from your being from the Planet of the Mars People, I umprecciate your fondness for my ear. I had it dewaxed by Pablo just yesterday! As for your offer, yes. We definitively have a PRODUKT(tm) for the hideous growth on your butt!

{cut to Gent in his studio}

GENT DELABOR: THIS IS NOT A TRICK!!! DO NOT INGEST YOUR TELEVISION!!!!! THORAX has a new PRODUKT(tm). What is it? Is it green?? My Mom killed fiddy men at Vietnam! Now, you can have your comfort and eat it too. (Don't eat it, man! Jeez!!)

{close up, Gent holds a small tube}

GENT DELABOR: We are proud to announce, the THORAXCORPDOTCOM Growth Remover ONLINE!! Just take these five (8) easy steps for generous relief and even CASH!?

{The steps, along with small, unrelated illustrations, appear on the screen as Gent says them.}

  • Continue watching this email.
  • Send me another wan. (NO MORE GREGORIAN CHANT EMAILS, PLEASE!!)
  • Take an envelope and fill it with mucho dinner-o.
  • Sent it to: Second Stardom Fleas dot com, 403 Figgis St., Mundelow, PA 80808.
  • Vote 5, go hog wild!
  • Now by a tube of Hideous Growth Remover at your local supermarket.
  • Watch the cash come FLYING IN THROUGH THE WINDOWS!!!! (Please open your windows.)

GENT DELABOR: It's thaaaaat eeeasy! Now, if you are not satisfied and want to unsubscribe or sue, please send all threatening emails and email bombs to this address. {he holds up a sign with the web address}

{The lights go down and the infomercial ends. Gent slings a jacket he didn't have before over his shoulder.}

GENT DELABOR: How was that? I said no mercy!

STED DELABOR: {is the camera guy} You were excellent. Magnificent, even.

GENT DELABOR: Watch the fort for me will ya? Genty's gotta go battle the White Robot.

{exeunt Gent}

STED DELABOR: Okay, guys, if noone's gonna do anything, I'm gonna go alphabetize my taxes. Anybody? {silence} Okay, I'm gone.

{exeunt, cut to Sted in his office (bedroom)}

{Sted is alphabetizing his taxes. Sted does not speak, but screams of pain can be heard through the dry wall. Sted becomes visibly upset.}

STED DELABOR: Okay, Gent, I think it's time for a visit to the doctor.

{cut to the Living Room. Sted, Rode, and Gent are there}

GENT DELABOR: {whines} I don't wanna go to the doctor! He's scary and his documents are falsified!

RODE DELABOR: All of that stuff is true, Gent. But Dr. Bubs is too expensive. This one seems to think he is ripping you off by charging you 10 bucks!

GENT DELABOR: He's worse than an alternate reality version of House that always turns out to be wrong instead of always turning out to be right!

STED DELABOR: {cheesed off} You. Are. Going. And. That's. Final.

{They drag him away by the feet. Gent whines until cut.}

{Cut to the doctor's office. Gent, still a little shaken, sits on an uncomfortable chair waiting. The doctor enters.}

BEAVIS: Hey. (heh) My name's Beavis. (heh) What's your freakin' problem?

GENT DELABOR: I have window pains in my lower area and my stardom is shattered into exteen pieces.

BEAVIS: (heh heh) It sounds like a broken butt, sir.

GENT DELABOR: Broken butt? HOW CAN THIS BE! I am a good wed size and I do not break things around the house.

BEAVIS: Your butt is broken and you'll have to get it removed. (heh heh)

GENT DELABOR: Operation? FROM YOU? I guess I'm just gonna have to... do it myself.

BEAVIS: Nice attitude, sir. (heh)

{cut to outside the Delabor home. Gent and Rode are standing around several garden tools.}

GENT DELABOR: Are you going to be gentle?

RODE DELABOR: I definition will not hurt you or your stardom.

{the screen fades to black with a picture of a DVD}

GENT DELABOR: HOWDY, PARTNER! That was Texese, for you linguage-learning people. Are you tired? Tired of waiting for the rest of this wed mail!! But now there is solution. Buy my Gent's Step By Step Home Operation Footage!!! Let's face it- we all hate when a wed mail is not finished. Now you can give this one a glossy finish that will protect it from rain and width! Only $7.97 plus shipping and trampling. Order now or feel my david lee wrath!!!

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Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

Click on the DVD at the end to see Coach Z in his locker room.

{Coach Z is on his Crusty x86, visiting Gent Delabor emails.}

COACH Z: Add... to... favorites! {he does so}

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