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HELLO FOLKS!!! As you all know, I am CEO and Chief Executive Office of THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. Do you have a prolem? MULTIPLE?! Step inside my wed mail inbox and we will outfit you with all the hottest stardom at a prize that will put a DENT IN YOUR WALLET!!

Here are just three (3) of the the best PRODUKTS(tm) available to you if you email me now.

  • Second Stardom Streams(tm)
  • Second Income Trees(tm)

So if you have a lot of money or no money, and you have nothing to do with it, wed mail me and I will take it off your grubby hands!

Delabor News[edit | edit source]

The future is THORAX! Fall into the crypt of currency and we'll seal you in for future archaeopteryx to uncover!! What fricking year is it?!?!? [ new mail! ]

Now Let THORAX Tell YOU Something, Gerald! 02/12/10
TOTAL STARDOM is only a click away when you are on the INNERNET. Are you on the internet? Yes??? That's great!!!! Buy music, buy a woolen shawl! That's the way it goes when you let THORAXCORP wrap its hands around your neck. So water you waiting four? GET DOWN ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!! [ new mail soon ]

No News Is Wood News 02/11/10
Do you remenber when torgo told the milk maid she had what was coming to her? Well LEG got what was coming to him today. I was coming to him!!! Leg owed me severalteen sense and I locked him in my parents' basement. But THORAXCORP is in there, so I unlocked him in my parents' basement. [ new mail! ]

Wed Mails[edit | edit source]

  • The Ladies - Gent explains how to get the attention of fee males for the low, low fee (male) (HA HA HA!) of LOTS O" CASH!!
  • My Butt - Gent must figure out how to associate a hideous growth on his butt with STARDOM and Second Income Screens.(tm) WARNING: If you do not like crossover, don't bother Anthony Mackie about it!!!
  • Quack - Gent is a new frontier and a new cilivization. CAN YOU GUESS TODAY'S WORD??

Awards[edit | edit source]

"Thorax works for ME award! Thank you, you hunk" awarded by Mary Perry, West Memphis, AK