Olympia and Bubs Jr.'s Future Life

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Olympia and Bubs Jr.'s Future Life by Coach E, Piem'n and Gfdgsgxgzgdrc.

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Bubs Jr had a dream about himself 10 years later. He met a beautiful teenage girl with blonde hair and white skin. It was Olympia! Just as Bubs Jr poured a glass of punch, he asked Olympia if she would marry her. She said "yes", and so after the party, they got married and had two kids named Bublympia and Olymbubs.

One day Bublympia and Olymbubs were playing, when Bubs and Coach Z came and congratulated Bubs Jr and Olympia, and they began to play with the kids.

Bubs: Well, son. I'm proud of ya.

Coach Z: Oh yeah, dose are two great kids.

Olympia: Do you want to hold one, dad? You can hold the Olymbubs if you want.

(Coach Z holds his new grandson)

Coach Z: Or my gorsh! He's so adorbable!

(Olymbubs hits Coach Z in the face.)

Coach Z: Ow!

Bubs: Haha! Guess he likes ya, Coach Z

(Bublympia starts crying)

Coach Z: Aw, does da baby need her diapor changed?

(Bublympia still crying)

Bubs Jr: Or maybe she's hungry. Here you go, Olympia. You feel Bublympia.

(Bubs Jr. gives a bottle of milk to Bublympia)

Olympia: Aww, she's dreaming <3

Bubs: Can I hold her?

Bubs Jr: Sure, just don't drop her.

(Olympia passes the baby to Bubs)

Bubs: Let me feed her a little more, she looks hungry

Bubs Jr: Here you go (hands the milk over)

Bubs: (talking to the baby) I remember when Bubs Jr was just a little baby. I used to fatten him up with mommy's milk and he always slept on my belly

Bubs Jr: (blushing) Dad, you're embarrassing me

Bubs: And I'm going to do the same with your kids

(Bublympia stops crying)

Bublympia: Daddy?

Coach Z: Whart did she say??!!

Olymbubs: Daddy?

Bubs: He said it too!!!!

Olympia: They said their first words!

Bubs Jr: I'm their first world!

Bubs: Aww, that was your first word too, son

Bubs Jr: Oh, right.

(Olymbubs pukes on Coach Z's body suit)

Coach Z: Oh grorss! But I like it! PUKING CORNTEST!

Olympia: Dad, please don't get any ideas

Coach Z: Nah, it's fun! I lorve puking corntests! I'll go get da buckets!

(Coach Z runs off with Olymbubs.)

Bubs Jr.: I think Coach Z is staring to like Olymbubs.

(Coach Z and Olymbubs start puking in buckets)


Olympia: Alright, that's enough, dad. You'll make the baby sick

Coach Z: Well, uh he puked on me first

Bubs: (puts on a hat that covers his eyes and a suit) Hey, kids! We'll be right back for some more... stuff (does a dance)

Bubs Jr: Hahahaha!! You're embarrassing me in front of my wife!

Bubs: Don't you remember The Gong Show?

Bubs Jr: Nope

Olympia: Nah

Coach Z: Yes!

(Olymbubs laughs at Bubs' funny costume and Bublympia starts crying)

Bubs Jr.: Not again!

Bubs: Here, give her to me

Bubs Jr: Okay, but take off the hat

Bubs: Oh, but I like it and wanted to entertain these kids

Olympia: Okay then. (passes the baby to Bubs)

Bubs: (pokes on where her nose should be) Ponk!

Bublympia: (giggles and coos)

Coach Z: D'aww look at her. She's got her mommy's eyes and skin