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Mr. Bland Email #1

Computer: Dully i803

Cast (in order of appearance): Mr. Bland, Homestar Runner, Señor Havin' A Little Trouble (Easter egg)

Places (in order of appearance): Mr. Bland's Computer Room, The Field (Easter egg)

Page Title: Blander Than Ever!!

Transcript[edit | edit source]

(Mr. Bland is sitting in front of the Dully. He types in "mr_bland_email_server.dll.")

Mr. Bland: (in a monotone voice) Okay... This is going really well.

(He brings the email up.)

(He reads the email in his normal voice, and says "EU" as "Ewww...")

Mr. Bland: (typing) Well, Steve, it's been a while, you can say THAT.

(He clears his screen.)

Mr. Bland: (typing) Homestar? He hasn't been bothering me THAT much. Ever since he lost his "golbol" (he pronounces this word with Homestar's speech impediment) or something like that, he's been in his house a lot.

(Camera pans to wide shot of Mr. Bland at his computer. Homestar enters from the left.)

Homestar: Guess what, Strong Sad?

Mr. Bland: (annoyed) I'm not Strong Sad!

(Camera pans to zoom shot of Homestar.)

Homestar: I found my golbol! (He says this with an exaggerated version of his normal impediment, so it now sounds like "gobo." He holds out the "golbol" as he says this.)

(Pan back to wide shot.)

Mr. Bland: Great! Get out of my house!

(Homestar runs off.)

Homestar: Thanks for having me over...! (his voice fades out)

(Cut back to Bland at his computer.)

Mr. Bland: (typing) So yes, Jimmy-Jimmy. Homestar needs to get out of my house.

(Mr. Bland's Paper comes down.)

Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Click on one of the words in "get out of my house" for a secret scene in the Field with Señor.

(A wide shot of the field. Señor and Homestar are standing in it.)

Señor Havin' A Little Trouble: Get out of my house.

Homestar: I don't see a house...

Señor: This world is my house.

Homestar: (offended) Hey! That's offensive towards naturalists! Or maybe that Audible guy.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The Dully's number comes from the Intel 80386. This computer came from the creator of this email searching for the average of 386 for a good number and coming across that computer in the search listings.
  • The reason Homestar confused Mr. Bland with Strong Sad is because of their similar head shape.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Homestar enters from the left, you can see his golbol behind his back.

Inside References[edit | edit source]

  • The intro to this email is a reference to the 'toon "Strongest Man In The World," from which Mr. Bland made his only animation appearance.
  • Homestar's "Thanks for having me over" near the end is a reference to the sbemail "secret identity."
  • "So yes, Jimmy-Jimmy" is from the sbemail "mile."

Fast Forward[edit | edit source]