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Biography[edit | edit source]

Mitch is my first OC. He stands to about Strong Sad's height, but slightly shorter, and can appear a lot taller by tiptoeing. He's got a cylinder shaped body with floating hands and feet. He wears a mint green polo and a black bowler hat, and has Converse on his feet. Mitch's face has 0-shaped eyes and a mouth like Marzipan's. If he takes off his hat (which he rarely does), he has dark dirty blonde hair, unlike his younger sisters, who have brown hair.

Mitch has a good musical talent, good at singing and playing cello. He plays cello a lot, but rarely sings in front of other people. He does write songs and poetry, though. His singing talent is something he finds not that good and won't really share his singing talent.

Mitch's personality is mostly sweet and kind, but he's got a really roller coaster-y emotions. He can get really angry or sad, and neither of these are good to other people. If he's angry, he yells a lot and normally paces a lot like a tiger. When he gets upset and sad, he starts to get sob-y. He usually needs comfort from other people, most likely a hug or talking to him helps a lot.

Domicile: Mitch's house
Debut: Mitch's Diary Entry 1: First Day in Free Country

Family[edit | edit source]

Mitch's father and sisters are super kind to him and he sincerely loves them. His dad, Andrew, is an artist and is a very imaginative and creative. He's supportive to his son and daughters, and is just a cool guy, fitting the 'Cool Dad' stereotype (Yes, i'm very creative.). Harriet and Julie, his younger sisters, are amazing and adorable siblings, according to Mitch. Harriet is a sweet, young athlete. She idolizes Homestar and wishes to be just like him, if not better. Once, when she visited, she tried to race Homestar and beat him in both speed and endurance. Julie was a wild card of a kid. She is a nice girl, but can get super crazy and silly. It's hard to get her to stop being weird. His mother, on the other hand, is his least favorite person. Whenever someone brings up his mom, he goes silent and hesitantly says 'I don't like talking about her.' Marie, his mom, is unkind, vain, and rude. She sometimes will get really snappy at Mitch because he's LGBTQ+. She still says it's 'Tough love'. Mitch disagrees with this statement.

Mitch's Crush[edit | edit source]

Mitch has a large crush on Strong Sad. Unfortunately, this crush is extremely obvious to everyone except Strong Sad. Whenever he gets asked about his crush, he denies it, and starts blushing uncontrollably. If people tease him about the crush, he'll get upset and may cry. He also gets picked on constantly by Strong Bad because of the fact he loves 'That Fat Dumpster' as well as the fact that he's gay (see brianreitta). Usually, he tries to not show his anger/sadness when he gets bullied. He sometimes write stories about himself with Strong Sad sometimes, and does do drawings too. One of these drawings is of him and Strong Sad sharing a milkshake. (i'll maybe post that sometime.)

Character Video[edit | edit source]

{The video starts with Mitch standing in front of his bedroom wall. He's shifting on his toes impatiently.}
Mitch: Is it recording, friendo?
Strong Sad: {From behind camera} Uh, yeah, you can start talking.
Mitch: {Smiling} Great! Hiya, everyone! {Waves} I'm Mitch, just your normal, friendly, {Giggling} and a little goofy member of society!
Strong Sad: Emphasis on 'friendly'.
Mitch: Yeah, maybe a little too friendly. So, anyway, I like music, playing my cello, hanging out with my friendos, playing retro video games, and {Hugs self} hugging people! {Blushing gently} Specifically.. Hugging.. {Whispering, talking faster, and blushing harder.} Cute boys.. {He goes back to normal and giggles.}
Strong Sad: Maybe now an emphasis on 'goofy'.
Mitch: Whatever! Anyways, that's pretty much all the stuff you need to know.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mitch takes his creativity from his father and learned art from him.
  • Mitch seems to be about 20-23, and his sisters are 14 (Harriet) and 9 (Julie).
  • Mitch's favorite food is chocolate milkshakes and on a lot of his accounts on the interwebs are something relating to chocolate milkshakes.
  • He appears to not have arms or legs, but wears coats and jackets, where he does appear to have arms.

Character Variations (In any way I want)[edit | edit source]

  • Marvelous Mr. Mitchell (Old-Timey)
  • Gizmo (20X6)
  • Mxtch (Xeriously Forxe!)
  • Storybook Mitch
  • Puppet Mitch
  • Character M (Characters from Yonder Website)