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Script[edit | edit source]

Script[edit | edit source]

MARSHIE: Check a fluffy puffy email! A fluffy puffy email!

Dear Marshie,

Why do people hate you?

Fluffily Yours,
Cee Gee

MARSHIE: Well, I don't actually know, but here's what I think. {Homestar appears} Homerun Star used to be the old fluffy puff advertiser,
HOMESTAR: {he gets angry} My name is Homestar Runner.
MARSHIE: BUT Cherry Greg fired him because he kept forgetting his lines, {Homestar gets angrier} and now I'm the new fluffy puff advertiser! {homestar turns red} And Evil Strong, {Strong Bad appears}
STRONG BAD: My name is Strong Bad. AKA Proffesor Tor Coolguy.
MARSHIE: He thinks I'm creepy!
STRONG BAD: Yep, Obviously NC-17.
MARSHIE: And all the other people, Well, I don't know why they hate me, but...what I DO know is that they OBVIOUSLY hate me. Cherry Greg doesn't hate me. He is never going to fire me. {The Puff-Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

  • Click on "never going to fire me", to see an extra scene.

CHERRY GREG: Marshie, You're fired. {Marshie looks suprised}