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Welcome to the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2!

This is the website for Homestar Runner fanstuff that anyone can edit!

1,956 pages created and 305 users registered since June 1st, 2019. First created on April 7th, 2011.

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  • Email Shows — Characters answer emails in a similar style to Strong Bad.
  • Blogs — Pseudo-blogs written by characters.
  • Interactives — Interactive wiki-games, such as text adventures.
  • Fan Fiction — Written stories that don't fall under any other categories.
  • Comics — Both normal comics and sprite comics starring the Homestar Runner cast.
  • Games — Homestar Runner games created by wiki users.
  • Art, Sound, and Multimedia — Pictures, music and videos that don't fall under any other categories.
  • Fan-Made Characters — Characters created by wiki users.
  • Misc — Anything that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.

Wiki Stuff

  • Wiki Stuff — A list of all wiki-related articles.
  • About — Wait, what's this website about?
  • Fanstuff Guidelines — What to do and what not to do with your fanstuff.
  • FAQ — Have a question? Look no further!
  • Editing Help — Learn wiki-formatting here!
  • Sandbox — For experimenting with wiki-formatting.
  • Sysops — These are the people in charge.
  • Da Basement — Where sysops and other users can discuss administrative tasks.

Fanstuff of the Month

Dellyboy is a fan character created by Amberite, and is the owner of Dellyboy's Diner in Free Country, USA. Dellyboy is usually a mixture of being hot-headed and calm (mostly because of the diner's waitress/janitor, Sume). He hates having his diner ruined, people wasting his time, bad movies, and burnt food. What he does like is waffles, succeeding, bowling, and nice-tasting drinks. He has a pale, light purple skin color, and oval eyes with black pupils. His clothes are a white polo shirt with folded sleeves and red stripes, a folded white hat with blue trimmings that covers his bald head, and dark blue jeans with a shiny yellow button. His hands are floating fingerless circles, however he can pick up and use things just fine. His main job is managing his diner; however, he has mentioned having other jobs before, such as a fast food worker, store clerk, and baker. (more...)


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