Limozeen: Zeenin' Into The Night

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Limozeen: "but they're in space!"’s spiritual successor done with 3 dee animation!

It ran from 1997 to 2007

The theme was "Zeenin' Into The Nite Again"

During Season 5, the show was renamed “Limozeen: Zeenin' Into the Nite”

During Season 7, the show was renamed “Limozeen: Zeenin' Into the Nite: Warped” It reverted back after Season 7.

During Season 9, the show was renamed “Limozeen: Zeenin' Into the Nite: Fast Forward” It reverted back after Season 9.



A Honey Badger Eats Perry’s Head

Season 1 

Zeen! Zeen! Zeen!/Getting Sloshy With It/Bozar‘s Last Stand

Different Way (crossover with The Adventures of Sailor)/Larry Moans (not really)/The Taranchula Crawls Up

The Day Before DecemberZEEN! (Decemberween Special)

Is This My New Roommate?/But They’re at the Movies!/Bubs Friday, BECAUSE IT'S MIDNIGHT!

The Following Episode Is Recorded by Larry Palaroncini/I Always Watch Trogdor's Big Movie When I Was Little/Valentine Advantage (Valentine's Day Special)

Zeen! Zeen! A Limozeen: The Dumbest Episode Yet/Brunch!/Orion Rex and Wildcat

Season 2 

Guitar and the Ghoulies/That Awkward Moment When an Old Man Tells You He Can't Use a Plane/Hairy Larry

Game Show/The Figurine/That Awful Episode

Paid Guests in Paradise (Hour Long Special)

HalloZeen! (Halloween Special)

The ZITN Arbor Day Special/Burn It Down/Nope

Let Us Give Thanks... For Rocking Out! (Thanksgiving Special)

How Bozar Failed to Steal Decemberween (Decemberween Special)

Ivy Decors/Kindreding It Out/Brunching Again

One Guitar at a Time/You Can't Do That/Larry vs. Cactus Area

Season 3 

Midnite Mamas/Larry’s Afraid of Spiders!/What’s The Zeenage?

The Great Music Thief/EENUGH!/That Episode Where Gary Gets A Motorcycle

Cinnabun Sells Out: Part One/Cinnabun Sells Out: Part Two/My Boots Are Better Than Your Boots

Wonder Mary/Skating Party!/Guitar and the Ghoulies 2

Famous Ladies Like Limozeen/Room 302 at the Ramada/Limozeen Of Montreal

Larry vs. A Limozeen Tribute Band/Livin' It Up/Not Different Way

Season 4

And the Limozeen Rocks In The Night!/Let’s Get Nosy, Yet Again

Zeenin' Through Bozar/Limozeen Advantage 2

Feed the Childrens (Hour Long Episode)

Larry and Mary Break the Law: The Musical/Preshy and Rafferty Torture Larry

The Episode About Decemberween That Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Decemberween (Decemberween Special)

Zeenin' Across The Country (not a episode, but rather a concert film)

This Episode is About Trains/Terrible Toys

The Boogly Burglar (Hour Long Special)


Limozeen: The Zeenin' Into The Night Movie (2001) (originally supposed to be the final episode)

Season 5 

Too Many Bozars/Too Many Larrys

Too Many Circles/Too Many Peacey Ps

Too Many Trading Cards/Too Many Boots

Too Many Presents (Decemberween Special)

Too Many Flocks of Sheep/Too Many Tattoos

Too Many Pizzas/Too Many Trains

Too Many Cold Ones/Too Many Advantages

Too Many Weddings/Too Many Cinnabuns

Too Many Season Finales (Hour Long Special)

Season 6 

Now That’s What I Call Boots!/Now That’s What I Call a Train!

Now That’s What I Call Bozar!/Now That’s What I Call Pizza!

Now That’s What I Call a Limo Driver!/Now That’s What I Call the Top 10 Charts!

Now That’s What I Call Decemberween! (Decemberween Special)

Currently That’s to What Myself Called Engrish!/Now That’s What I Call an Advantage!

Now That’s What I Call a Freakin' Concert Film! (not a episode, but rather a concert film)

Now That’s What I Call Getting Nosy!/Now That’s What I Call Trogdor!

Now That’s What I Call a Season Finale! (Hour Long Special)

Season 7 

The Last Brunch!/Movie Night!

BAAAAH! BAAAAAH! BAAAAAH! (Crossover with Strong Badge)/Bozarzuma’s Revenge)

Larry’s Last Stand (Hour Long Special) (also originally supposed to be the final episode)

I’m a Runner!/I‘m Gonna Run the Trees! (I’m a Runner Part Two)

Groupulon 5 the Free/Mamas Against Making Out

Different Way 2: Things Get Differenter (Crossover with The Adventures of Sailor)/Shut Up, Lady!

Fake Larry Palaroncini/Pucker Up!

Movie Limozeen: ZITN: The Zeenquel (2004)

Season 8 

Down in the Trudgemank/Box

The Original Entourage/The Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Movie: Starring Larry Palaroncini

Riddle Me Twice (Hour Long Special)

Limozeen Land Grand Opening/Zeenin' Into The Club Circuit!

But They’re at Brunch!/Hurricane Larry

Leonardo Da Vantres Did Not Have A Journal! (Hour Long Special)

They Saw Dead Corny!/No They Didn't! (They Saw Dead Corny Part 2)

Fast Forward (Hour Long Special)

Planetarium Show

Zeenin' Through The Stars (2006)

Season 9

Bozar Warps Reality/Doug the Dino Universe

Harry Palaroncini: That Mary Hologram/X Spot

A Limozeen Clip Show For No Reason/Larry Designs Boots

Bite-Sized Cinnabun/Different Way 3: This Is Differous (Crossover with The Adventures Of Sailor)

The Secret Episode (Only available at Bubs' Concession Stand locations, and was never seen on TV)

Limozeen The Movie/Hot Babealiens

Decemberween Episode (Decemberween Special)

LUCKY PENNY!!!!!!!/Robot Doubles?

Drumsticks? (Hour Long Special)

Season 10

Bad Song?/Crowded Arena

A Very Tremendous Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Special)

Gary Was The Imposter/Crush That Lazor!

The Limousine Barbershop Quartet/Larry Goes Hollywood

Again with Limozeen?/Halosche!

The Last Brunch/Bozar Explodes (not really)

Our Last Episode Ever (probably) (Hour Long Special)