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Biography[edit | edit source]

Juniper is a emo tree thing. She stands up about to Homestar's knees, and is very self conscious about her height, and can get pretty mad if you call her short or anything along the lines of that. Juniper appears to be some short of shrub, with a shorter stump with arms and legs (Her legs are kinda placed like penguin's legs). She has a face designed like Phantump, the Pokemon, with lavender eyes. Her leaves are dense and appear like a long curly style. She also can hide stuff in her leaves, this being how she stores many things. Her leaves are also purple, and are easy to change the color of. She usually has a very serious or stern expression, but can soften up to a smile with some other people.

Juniper is goth/emo in many ways. Her aesthetic was very emo-based as well as her personality. She's pretty apathetic at times, but can get emotional to her friends, which are slightly few, and most music. (she cries when listening to it or gets really into it with anger 'n' stuff) She's not all spiky-haired punk rock or emo stuff. (nO oNe UnDeRsTaNdS mE) Juniper is a gamer, and a pretty good one at that, into RPGs and Super Smash Bros. Type fighting games. Her favorite video games of all time are Undertale, DeltaRune, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Juniper is also an avid manga reader, and anime watcher. She sometimes does cosplay, and if she does, she makes the costumes for herself, and they're usually really good.

Juniper also plays electric bass and sings. She has a purple electric bass she named 'Orchid', which she calls sometimes her 'Musical Savior'. She writes music as well as playing it from bands she likes. She gets inspiration from bands like Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Circa Survive, All Time Low, and even some of the darker music from They Might Be Giants. Some of her music is pretty evident from this, even quoting some of these band's lyrics in her songs. (Example: 'No one gets what they wants, and that's beautiful, something I will always agree with. Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that's beautiful, something I can always dream.)

Juniper's Family.. Issues[edit | edit source]

Juniper doesn't really have a good relationship with her family. To her, her parents are rude, controlling, and very critical, which is true. See some nonexistent fanfic for details. (i'm joking, but there will be a Juniper's Family related fanfic.) The only family member Juniper talks about that she actually says good things about is her younger sister, Acai, who she says is kind, sweet, and supportive.

Character Video Transcript =[edit | edit source]

Juniper : Is the camera rolling?

Strong Sad, from behind camera: Yeah, you can start talking.

Juniper : Hello, everyone. My name's Juniper. Or Juni. Whatever, really. Just don't call me short. {She gets up really close to the camera} DON'T. Call me short. {She goes back to normal.} Anyways, I'm a goth/emo, gamer, and avid anime lover. I like music, the colors black and purple, reading, and hanging out with my friends. My hobbies include, {She lists these off on her nub-hands} writing/listening to music, drawing, and writing fanfiction. {She gives a slight giggle} A LOT of fanfiction. Well, anyways, I gotta go.. Do something.. Bye. {The camera stops}

Character Variations (in any order that i want)[edit | edit source]

  • Jxniper- Xeriously Forxe!
  • Storybook Juniper
  • Puppet Juniper
  • Character J- Characters from Yonder Website