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"Lemme Fusion-splain it to you"

First appearance on Page 167, this fusion of Large Voidian and Apiap is the explainer of confusing things that only he can understand, ("he" because the eyes of the fusion determine the gender.)

Evolution[edit | edit source]

L.Vapiap started wearing no button up shirt, L.Vapiap has that now. The name was originally LVBarf, but changed to L.Vapiap after Aps changed her name to Apiap. A much better name.

Variations[edit | edit source]

-Vampire L.Vapiap

-Fire LV-Blue Apiap

-Cod LV-Clam Apiap

-Mr. Incredible-Iron Man Apiap

-Eraser LV- Scissor Aps

-Piglin LV- Alex Apiap

-Caveman L.Vapiap

-Mummy Costume- 11722

-Pizza LV- Asparagus Apiap

-Minifig L. Vapiap

-Chalk LV- Puppet Apiap

-Tin Man LV- Dragon Apiap

-Quail LV- Chewbacca Apiap

-Book LV- Microwave Apiap

-Patrick LV- Sandy Apiap

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Apiap accidentally sneezed on large voidian, and, with voidian child making he made a spherical gradient yellow and orange child, it was named Herman after Tammy called him vermin. Sice then, L. Vapiap has shown up less, until Borchella Jr. when he had to recap the comic, causing a sort of rebirth of appearances of the explainy fusion. Herman became a villain after falling in a glitch hole and oversaw the Boss until dying in an explosion.

Lego Jimmy Cups of L.Vapiap: Lvapiap.png