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Blobman Jr. or Jonathan Quegory Blobman Jr. is the son of business tycoon Jonathan Q. Blobman Sr. Blobman is the father of Trace, or Jonathan Quegory Blobman III.

History[edit | edit source]

In 11720, Blobman was red, and had 3 eyes, he looked like red jello and said "Buh Buhl". After that, in Morch, he split into two, one with two eyes and one with one eye. He later got an eyepatch. It was black. He later switched it out for a brown one with a stitch. He soon revealed he could talk through it. Around December 11722 he overtook the whole planet of Krontopia, (formerly Lonfinkia's third moon) and then when the blobman ring was tossed into space, blobman became metal. Then, around early 11723, Blobman Jr. got hypnotised and became a Judge. He is now just a goofy guy.

Variations[edit | edit source]

-Guzzle Cup Blobman

-Rasperry Blobman

-Baloo Blobman

-Eel Blobman

-Rubberband Blobman

-Caveman Blobman

-Robin Masters Blobman

-Klovebot Blobman

-Rhino Blobman

-Candle Breath

-Meteormas Theif

-Cat Blobman

-Robin Costume Robot Blobman

-Robot Blobman

-Saberspark Blobman

-VR Pelican Blobman

-Pillow Blobman

-Boombox Blobman

-Pelican Blobman

-Tonky Ronky Blobman

-Ghost Jerty 3

-Jerty 3 Blobman


-Elsa Blobman

-Bloop fusion

-Flavor Country

-Demogorgon Blobman