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Welcome to Homsemails, where you can send this little weirdo an email!

Updates[edit | edit source]

7/24/15: CREATED!

8/7/15: Started off the first email, "word salad".

8/19/15: Finished word salad! And Gfdgsgxgzgdrc just sent Homsar two emails! Awesome!

8/31/15: The second Homsemail is out!

Emails[edit | edit source]

1. word salad

2. homestar

3. tv show

4. fountain

Scroll Button Songs[edit | edit source]

Emails 1-10: Egg rolls. Egg rolls. Egg rolls. (Homsar repeats this line again, and a beat starts playing.)

Computers[edit | edit source]

Emails 1-38: Tanpiér 1272

Email Homsar Here!