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Homestripe Runner Email #7

Homestripe is asked to create a crazy comic.

Characters: Homestripe Runner, Coach C, Coach D, Slipstar Runner, The Cheat

Page Title: Zlappy SQ6

Transcript[edit | edit source]

(Homestripe is sitting at the Zlappy SQ6.)

HOMESTRIPE: Hello, everybody. Here comes an email.

Hi homestripe!
I wanted to know what your craziest comic would be like. Please make a CRAZY comic.
Your awesome friend monkeydude

HOMESTRIPE: Well, Monkeydude, let's start with the title. Comics usually have titles that are the main characters' names. You know, like...

(Cut to a blank white screen.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): C and D.

(The C and D logo appears, and the theme music plays. Coach C and Coach D appear as well.)

COACH C: I was hoping your crazy comic would be about us!

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): Yeah, but in this comic, you both look a little ... different.

(Coach C and Coach D disappear and are replaced with their 20X6 counterparts.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): And the whole comic would be about them trying to separate from each other. Oh! And there would also be a couple of rope twins there, too.

(A pair of blue ropes appear.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): And they'd be attached to each other.

(The rope twins change accordingly.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): Ooh, how about a cat who's always wearing disguises?

(A Powered by The Cheat-style cat that looks like Slipstar appears.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): No, no, no.

(The Slipstar cat disappears, and in its place is a dark brown cat with black hair, a black shirt under a green one, and a blue skirt.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): What the...! Why do these keep not coming out like I expected?

(The brown cat disappears, and in its place is Snip Jones, a Siamese cat with a pink shirt, a blue belt, and green pants.

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): Much better. And...if this were a cartoon, Pandy would definitely be the voice of the scissors.

(Anita the Scissors appears. She is blue, and looks similar to Pandora.)

ANITA THE SCISSORS: She's a cat, I tell you! A giant cat!

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): Well, she is rather a large cat for her age. Now the characters need names. We've already got C and D, so let's do the rope twins. How about...Singles and Doubles?

(The rope twins' names appear as they are said.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): Now for the cat. How about...Snip...Jones?

(The name appears as it is said.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): And finally, we've got...Anita the Scissors. (The name appears as it is said.) Now we need a name for the town they're in. How about...Acmeville?

(A sign with the town's name appears.)

HOMESTRIPE (voiceover): And the background we'll leave just plain white for now. As the comic progresses, more stuff will be drawn.

(Cut back to the Zlappy.)

HOMESTRIPE: So that's a pretty crazy comic, eh Monkeydude? Speaking of crazy comics, I bet Slipstar and The Cheat make some pretty crazy comics. Let's see what they're working on today.

(Cut to The Cheat's computer room. Slipstar and The Cheat are working on the computer. Homestripe enters.)

HOMESTRIPE: Hey, Slipstar, The Cheat. What are you working on today?

THE CHEAT: (The Cheat noises)

(He presses a button and the comic shows up. It is entitled "Powered by Slipstar and The Cheat" and is drawn in Powered by The Cheat-style.)

(The first panel has Homesar and Coach Z in it.)

PbTC HOMESAR: Hey, Coach Z. I would like to enter the million yard dash!

(The second panel is identical, except Coach Z has a sheet of paper in his hand.)

PbTC COACH Z: Okay there, Homesar. Just sign right here.

(In the third panel, Homesar has signed his name on the paper.)

PbTC HOMESAR: Okay. I'm competing in the race!

(In the fourth panel, Homesar is at the million yard dash, along with Homestar, Pom Pom, and Strong Bad.)

PbTC COACH Z: Ready, set, go!

(In the fifth panel, Homestar is way ahead, and Homesar is losing.)

PbTC STRONG BAD: Oh, no! I'm losing!


PbTC HOMESTAR: Hooray! I'm winning!

(In the sixth panel, a Heavy Lourde falls on Homestar.)

PbTC HOMESTAR (dazed): And that's why I think that I'm not such a fool when I sit here and fish in McElligot's Pool...

(In the seventh panel, Strong Bad has crossed the finish line. Coach Z is there as well.)

PbTC COACH Z: Sorry, Strong Bad, but I just saw you chorting there! You're disquailified!

(The eighth panel is the same, except Pom Pom and Anita the Scissors are there as well.)

PbTC COACH Z: And Pom Pom is the winner!

PbTC ANITA: Nice going!

(The ninth panel is black with the words "It's powered by Slipstar and The Cheat" in green.)

SLIPSTAR (voiceover, singing): It's powered by Slipstar and The Cheat, Cheat, Cheat, Cheat, Cheat!

THE CHEAT (simultaneously): (The Cheat noises, same tune as the song Slipstar is singing)

(Zoom out to a view of Homestripe, Slipstar, and The Cheat in front of The Cheat's computer.)

HOMESTRIPE: Okay, now that's crazy. I like the way you worked in Anita the Scissors, too. Pretty good.

(The Paper comes down.)

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This email takes place between virus 2 and switched minds.
  • This is the first appearance of Coach C and Coach D's 20X6 counterparts, as well as the C and D comics.

Inside References[edit | edit source]

  • This email references the sbemail crazy cartoon.
  • In Slipstar and The Cheat's comic, Coach Z says "chorting" instead of "cheating," referencing his nickname for The Cheat.
  • The million yard dash is also mentioned in the sbemail disconnected.

Real-World References[edit | edit source]

  • The C and D comic contains a lot of real-world references. Aside from the title characters and the logo (which both reference CatDog):
    • Anita the Scissors is based on Miss Whoops from The Mr. Men Show. This is not surprising, considering she is supposed to be voiced by Pandora Runner, who is also based on Miss Whoops.
    • Snip Jones's name is based on Skippyjon Jones.
      • She also looks similar to the Powerpuff Girls. Not surprising, given the fact that Homestripe previously referenced them in stong band.
      • The fact that she wears disguises all the time is a reference to Chicken Boo from Animaniacs. Anita the Scissors even says, "She's a cat, I tell you! A giant cat!"
    • The C and D theme is a tune from a Casio LK-100 keyboard. The tune is "Rasa Sayang".
    • Doubles seems to reference Yakko from Animaniacs.
    • The name of the town, Acmeville, is a reference to Tiny Toon Adventures, which is set in a town called Acme Acres.
  • The end of Slipstar and The Cheat's comic is a reference to Pinky and the Brain.
  • In Slipstar and The Cheat's comic, Homestar says a line from the Dr. Seuss story "McElligot's Pool."

Fast Forward[edit | edit source]

  • C and D comics would later be a regular feature of the show.
  • Keyboard Strong Bad would later be shown playing "Rasa Sayang" on his keyboard head in an episode of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. Said episode would also be the debut of Slipstar's Sweet Cuppin' Cakes counterpart, who was named after the song.

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