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Welcome to Homestar High! I am your principal, Miss Starry (controlled by Cee Gee). We will first show a tutorial of your stay here. We hope you enjoy it!

First of all,[edit | edit source]

In this game you first start out as a freshman. You can graduate by performing tasks to move up in rank and get new priveleges.

In order to move up you need to gain Homestar High Points. These are granted by doing great things in the game. If you are bad though, you will lose points. As a freshman, you will need to gain 100 points to become a sophmore student with sophmore priveleges.

All students go to the same classes, which will provide further instruction. You will interact with other players and non-controlables, too. In these classes you will have to do assignments, and other things. I control the teachers.

When you sign in, you also get a personal locker to store some of your items/money in. Please make this a subpage of Homestar High/Lockers.

Have fun in Homestar High!


Miss Starry

Rules[edit | edit source]

You must spell correctly. (Or correctly enough to be tolerated.)

Act like you are in a school, not an online game.

Be careful what you are doing. You might be submitted to cruel and unusual punishment.

You are NOT allowed to edit pages that aren't public or locked to lower grades. This means you can view them, but no editing other people's lockers or places you don't have the privelege to go to

You can go into a bathroom that you aren't entitled to unless a user of that gender invites you in. Otherwise it is punishable by a detention.

Don't make new pages without my permission.

No dying, or complete senseless violence of any kind.

All of you can't edit at once. I can't do anything in an edit conflict.

Please don't spam this place. We want to have fun, and if just stupid things happen, we'll never get anything done. (You will get badly punished for spamming and fooling around like that.)

Please do not skip classes. This could get you a minor punishment.

No super powers, no summoning, and no troll armies. And less reinforcing on the destruction of the school.

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