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STRONG BAD: A random name generator in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic! You choose your name, tell it, and the machine randomly generates a name. (And name it something clever and unlikely to get your guard up!)

STRONG BAD: Wait a minute, Homsar is my randomly generated name? What's with the Force?

STRONG BAD: Oh, don't worry. I'm one of those people who gets shocked if their name gets picked by a robot for one of these. But Homsar gets picked, and oh man does it get picked. Let's have a look at this name generator!

STRONG BAD: Oh, man. We know the name "meos," don't we?

STRONG BAD: Do you know what the answer to that question is?

(examining name generator again)

STRONG BAD: H-moses.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

Strong Bad has two million simulations to choose from for his name.

The word "meos" means "stone" in Hebrew.