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How to add a character[edit | edit source]

First upload an image of your character and add it to the gallery.

Write this:

|image=PNG image
|caption=Image caption
|name=Your character's full name
|age=Its age
|gender=Gender (male or female)
|friends=Your character's friends
|location=Where your character lives
|nickname=Your character's nickname
|hair=Hair color (if they have hair)
|description=Description of your character}}
|oldtimey=Old timey variation
|future=20X6 variation
|dangeresque=Dangeresque variation
|xeriouxly=Xeriouxly Forxe variation
|opposite=Oppisite Land variation (character's name spelled backwards)

Write facts about your character here (optional)

Example[edit | edit source]

|image=bobbo yellowhair.png
|caption=Bobbo time!
|name=Bobbo Yellowhair
|friends=Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Moneyman Lifter
|description=Bobbo is a normal guy. He doesn't have a good memory.
|oldtimey=The Bobs