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The music names of the music in the game!

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Title: "Theme of Homestar Runner RPG"
  2. Opening: "Plan Hatching"
  3. Homestar's House: "A New Day"
  4. Battle: "Confrontation"
  5. Free Country, USA: "Citizen City"
  6. KOT's Castle: "Kingy Domain" (Remix of KOT DVD title theme)
  7. Strong House: "Domain of the Strong"
  8. Boss Battle: "Giga Battle! Fight On!"
  9. Arbenager Village: "Working is Good Work"
  10. General Tso's Chicken: "Chinese-Style Chicken"
  11. Fort Zian: "Chateau of ZIAN!"
  12. Gyro the Spearhead's Theme: "Like the Wind"
  13. Gyro the Spearhead Race: "Can you Keep Up?!?"
  14. Gyro the Spearhead Battle: "Maximum Speed!"
  15. Homeschool's Arrow Cannon: "Final Count Down"

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

  1. Prance Northern Borderline: "Marine Meditation"
  2. Quaghur Ruins Entryway: "Red Burn"
  3. Quaghur Ruins(Before): "Aftermath of Ruin"
  4. Lunaris Battle: "Lunar Ruin"
  5. Quaghur Ruins(After): "Flight of the Diggers"
  6. Mining Minigames: "Dig! Dig! Dig!"
  7. Bumdumbourge: "Working Brilliance"
  8. Totalslava: "Bronze Idea"
  9. Poopaw's House: "Family Memories"
  10. Cooking Minigames: "Bake And Shake"
  11. Abandoned Subway: "Frozen Rails"
  12. Diggery-Digloo: "Icy Labirinth" (Remix of "Frozen Rails")
  13. Diggery-Doo Battle: "Cheat and Walrus"
  14. 20X6 Main Areas: "Challenge and Fighting!" (20X6 music)
  15. Stinkoman Battle: "Asking For a Challenge" (Remix of 20X6 music)
  16. World Fortress: "Iron Palace"
  17. Stickly House: "Xiao Xiao Power"
  18. Space Dock: "Cyber Station"
  19. The Moon: "Zero Gravity" (Remix of Stinkoman 20X6 Level 5)
  20. The Ice Zone: "Winter Fun"
  21. Neo Arcadia Central: "Neo Arcadia" (Same music from Mega Man Zero)
  22. Neo Arcadia Citadel: "Silver Shine" (Remix of "Neo Arcadia")
  23. Master X's Theme: "X, The Legend"
  24. Master X Battle: "Fake"
  25. SS. 40X9 Main Areas: "Flying Relic"
  26. SS. 40X9 Deck: "Night Flying"
  27. Videlectrix Arcade: "Neon Paradise"
  28. Tampo, Brody and Stlunko Battle: "Challenge Boss!" (Stinkoman 20X6 Boss music)

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

  1. Skies of Far Off Lands Bridges: "Sky Limit"
  2. Skies of Far Off Lands Blimps: "Steel Vengance"
  3. Blimp 1 Evacuation: "EMERGENCY!"
  4. Zian Mobile War Fort: "Storm of Energy"
  5. Homeschool's Theme: "The Dark Ruler"
  6. Homeschool Battle: "Relation"
  7. Mecha X-Y-Z Battle: "Combination"
  8. Sphere Chase: "Falling Key"
  9. Blue Laser Territory Desert: "Sand Storm"
  10. Gunhaver's Theme: "Rock Rock On!" (Cheat Commandos theme)
  11. Secret Desert Headquarters: "Dune Strike"
  12. Cheat Commandos HQ: "Buy All Our Playsets and Toys!" (Remix of Cheat Commandos Theme)
  13. Price Style: "Buy, Buy, Buy!"
  14. Blue Laser Base: "Wild Blue Hurricane"
  15. Black Laser Base: "Dark Gravity"
  16. Gunnery Ridge: "For Tough Fight!"
  17. Black Laser Battle: "Shadow Commander"

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

  1. Peasantry: "Village of Workers"
  2. Trogdor's Keep: "Dragon's Lair" (Extension and remix of Trogdor's Lair music from Peasant's Quest)
  3. Trogdor Battle: "DRAGON KING!" (Remix of Trogdor's theme)
  4. Deus Ex Machina: "Dark Eyes"
  5. Homestar's House Reincarnate: "A New Day: Dark Reality"
  6. Fort Zian Reincarnate: "Chateau of ZIAN: Dark Reality"
  7. Endgame Apocolypse: "Approaching Homeschool"
  8. Final Battle Part 1: "Total Darkness"
  9. Final Battle Part 2: "Shining Eclipse" (Sounds almost exactly like "Solaris Phase 2" from PS3 Sonic The Hedgehog)
  10. Final Battle Part 3: "Paradise Lost"
  11. Ending: "Awake"
  12. Credits: "Decision Weaver"

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

  1. Oblivion Cay: "Mysterious Isle"
  2. Oblivion Cay Cubeland: "Polygon Dimension"
  3. Oblivion Cay Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land: "Crazy Cakes" (Remix of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Theme)
  4. Oblivion Cay Black Hole: "Negative Polarity"
  5. Oblivion Cay Treetop Town: "Nature Beat"
  6. Oblivion Cay Mount Ridesplace USA: "Carnival Trance"
  7. Istanbul: "Dangeresque's Ride"
  8. Perducci's Lab: "Experimenting"
  9. Dangeresque's Theme: "Alright for Tonight!" (Remix of Dangeresque 1 Credit Music)
  10. Perducci Battle: "Crime Factory"
  11. Fluffy Puff Factory: "Lookin' Lively"
  12. Virus Level: "Cyber Transmit"
  13. Twisted Realities: "Unreal Worlds"
  14. YOU? Battle: "Shadows of Allies"
  15. The Thnikkaman's Theme: "Here Comes The Thnikkaman!" (Extention of The Thinkkaman's theme)

Volume 6[edit | edit source]

  1. The Volcano: "Under Lava"
  2. Mutant Spawn Battle: "Synthetic Blaze"
  3. Fire Swamp: "Burning Habitat"
  4. Gates of Oblivion: "The Abyss"
  5. True Final Boss Battle: "Unknown"