Homestar Runner Strategy Guide/Quests/Twisted Reality

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To Start[edit | edit source]

  • You need to have all regular characters.
  • You need to have completed three quarters of all the game.

Part One: Entering Twisted Reality[edit | edit source]

  • Head on over to Homestar's house. If the requirements are met, his bed will have a purplish glow underneath it. Press A, and your lead character will lift the sheet. Have Strong Mad use his Cracker Fist on the bed to move it to the side. Use Homestar and The Cheat's Fire Chain. The fire will open the portal, and the chain will latch onto the portal and pull you in.

Part Two: Twisted Reality[edit | edit source]

  • Now inside the reality, you come out into what seems to be Homestar's house. If you leave immediatly, you get the game over screen. Click on the clock to open the window. Climb out the window to appear in Strong Bad's computer! You are pixelated, and you need to use Homestar's Athlete foot, then Strong Bad's rocket fist to break the screen. Jump on to the keyboard and have your characters jump on the keyboard spelling out "strongbad_email.exe". If you screw up, hit the backspace. Jump on the enter key, and it will bounce you back into regular size.

Part Three: Scramble[edit | edit source]

  • Use Metal Noise to make the computer fall off the desk and reveal a hole. Exit the house by the hole. Now you will somehow be in a locker in Coach Z's locker room. Use Pom Bounce while Gunhaver is in your party to have Gunhaver use Rocket Fist with Homestar's shoe, opening the locker. Weird. Walk out of the locker and you will fight a Twisted Mirror, which will copy your party member's moves and can morph into one of them. It starts the battle as Coach Z. After winning, examine the numbers on the lockers with Strong Sad's ability, and each will spell a random number. Write these down. Now, open the even lockers from least to greatest to get a "Bathroom Key". Next open the odd numbers from greatest to least and seemingly nothing will happen. If you open them in the wrong order you will either lose ten HP, ten MP, or fight ten random Ungaraits. Open the bathroom and get out of the cabinet a "Broken Orderizer". Screwed up, huh? Now use Homestars Athlete foot on the bench to get a graphic of the Tire with Marzipan's guitar. With the effect of Cracker Fist, The bench will break, and the locker you came from will have a portal, and the bench will have a portal. Exit via the bench portal.

Part Four: 19X6[edit | edit source]

  • You will appear in a black and white version of 20X6. There will be a hologram acting like 1-Up, except he looks like Virus Homestar when you hold your mouse over Email on Main Page 22! The fake Stinkoman will look like Future Dangeresque, only with a moustashe! You actually have to fight the two. When you beat them, they will explode, and you will get the Mixed Up Soahcizer! You will now need to walk up the screen and your character will end up on a trampoline. Use Pom Pom and Homsar's dual field ability to fly into the air. You will land on your Starship with inverted colors. You will now fight three One Way Mirrors. Jump(Yes, JUMP) off the ship and you will be teleported again.

Part five: Roulette[edit | edit source]

  • Now you will appear outside next to the stick, but you are above the ground. Never touch a blade of grass, or your lead character will suffer! Use Dingus Whack to light the grass on fire, then use Coach X's medallion at the Stick. You will suddenly be in the melon patch. A cutscene shows all your characters will walk to a seperate melon for some clues about this reality, disappear into their shadows, then their shadows are mixed together. There's no way of knowing where any characters are. You will look like a stick man(your leader's mind-self) until you pick one, two, three, or four melons. Picking one melon means you want one character, picking two melons means you want two, etc. Walk out when you have one, two or three melons. You cannot save in there. After leaving, you can save, with your current characters. Next, you will appear in a dungeon. If you do not have your desired people, and you saved before Coach X used his medallion, go for it, but the character will be different each time.
  • NOTE: It is now the easiest time to get the Screaming Pipe. Get it now, or it will be really hard to get it later. In the background there is a fence. Go into the corner and press the Action button. You will get the Screaming Pipe.

Part six: Twisted dungeon[edit | edit source]

  • Leaving will end you up in the Twisted Dungeon. You will fight enemies such as Broken Mirrors, Twisted Ungairaits and Twisted Tires. I will post a guide for that in "Places". Get to the Twisted Jewel. Now, backtrack to the beginning of the dungeon. Now you will fight five Broken Mirrors. Defeat them to leave and end up out of the Twisted Reality with your characters before Roulette. Go to Bubs.

Part seven: Backtracking[edit | edit source]

  • Return reverse of how you got in. In the regular reality, go to Bubs. Now show him the Broken Orderizer and the Twisted Jewel. He will try to fix the Orderizer, he says that to fix it, you must go to 20X6 and get a Fusion Welder. So go to 20X6, and go to Bubbu, and he will try to give you one, but he says he is out. Whip out Gunhaver, and he will say that he saw one of his kind with one. So go to the Cheat Comandos, and fight many Blue Lasers, and the shopkeeper will say he got it from Quagur Central. So go there, and talk to the guy and he will say they are out of Silicanium. Take out Coach X, and he will think it's Coach Z, so he will tell him about a secret dungeon that has Silicanium. Go to the spot he tells you, and use Metal Noise to find an switch. Use Strong Bad and Homsar's attack on it and a staircase will open. Go into it and find a three spots for medalions. Use Coach X's attack, an leave for FCUSA, talk to Coach Z, and he will give you a medallion, and tell you about an old football stadium in Abeneger Village Outskirts. Go there, then use Cracker fist on a tree to get Coach Y's Medallion. Put the other two medallions in the spots, then walk down a straight forward path, battling all of the kinds of Ungairaits. There is Silicanium. Then backtrack to get the Fusion Welder, then the Tele-Organizer out of the Broken Orderizer and Twisted Jewel.

Part eight: Reversal[edit | edit source]

  • Go back to the Twisted Locker Room and examine the number. Then go and find the reversed version of it. Use the Tele-Organizer in that locker, and the screen will spin. You will fight five One-way Mirrors. You will get the Straight Gem. Open the locker back up and you will fall into Coach Z's locker room. Coach Z will walk up to you and talk about a doppleganger following him. He's obviously talking about the Twisted Mirror. Go back to the Twisted Dungeon, to find that the characters that were picked randomly are back in your party. Get to the room next to the one the Twisted Jewel was in. Use the Organizer, and the room will spin, then there will be a door. walk through it.

Part nine: Dungeon maze[edit | edit source]

  • Look at the dead end to your left. It should have a mirror on it. The mirror reflects a door that's not there. Press the action button (Depending on the console) then use Homsar's big hat. A One Way Mirror should attack. Beat it, and a door should appear on the other side of it. There should be a mini boss twins. It's Coach B and Zubs. Beat them to score a Warc Elder. Use the Soachiser and the Straight Jewel to get a weird thing. Then use the Warc Elder on it to get a Tele-Scrambler. Go back out and use it. Go through the maze. Every dead end will make you go back to the start and fight an enemy. If you want to train, that might be a good idea. To navigate, take this: Left, forward, right, right, left, left, foreward, left, right, left, foreward, left, right, foreward, right, organizer. If you need to heal yourself, fight the mirror, then go through the door. Virus Homestar and virus Strong Mad will greet you. They will give you a sleep in the bed if you pay them. Go through the big door when you leave the resting area or if you decide not to.

BOSS: YOU?[edit | edit source]

When you walk through, the door will lock. in front of you, sparks shoot, and living shadows of your current party member(s) named Homecide(Homestar), Strange(Strong Bad), Pound(Pom Pom), Gron(Strong Sad), The Chekzt(The Cheat), Graw(Strong Mad), Maxi(Marzipan), Hokey(Homsar), Xoach(Coach X), and HaveGunner (Gunhaver) will pop in front of yours! (Secret characters are: Raider(Rogue Redd) Crooked Cop (Dangeresque) Shady Dealer (Thnikkaman) Rather Homely (Rather Dashing), dictator (The King of Town), Homeskull (Homeschool)

HP: Your HP times 10
Attacks: YOUR ATTACKS? Well, well, well... 
Mirror: After you attack them, they return it with double 
Strategy: They have any attacks you have. Most of the time 
they'll use your attacks. However, If they use an extremely 
weak attack and lower their defence, NEVER attack! They will
always use Mirror. Instead, use a healing move on them. They 
will make you recover. Then whomp them. They will eventually 
regain defence. NOTE: NEVER use this if they are about to die. 
Instead attack a partner you don't like. They will attack their
partner. If you don't want to, just do nothing.

"You?" will shreek. It then grows. You are now doomed. Anything you do to attack them will kill you. Now a jingle will be heard. Thnikkaman will blast the boss into oblivion and you will earn him! You can leave and put all your party away and reenter. On one to one, you will earn the character's random weapon. Do this before you leave. You can fight your dopppleganger anytime. It grows along with you. After you beat it with all your regular characters and Thnikkaman, it will reveal it was just trying to help you along. It will give you five of each stat enhancer. This was a hard quest, but it was WORTH IT!