Homestar Runner Strategy Guide/Quests/Errands for the Bubsy

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To Start[edit | edit source]

Part One: Bubs' Errands[edit | edit source]

Talk to Bubs at his concession stand. He'll say he has some errands to do, but he's too busy. He asks if you would do them for him. First of all, he'll sell you a warehouse license to get past his dog for $50 and ask you to bring back some crispy, crackly chocolate bars from his warehouse. Equip the license, go to his warehouse and ignore his dog, it can't bite you with your license equipped. Go inside and you'll see two shelves on each side of the warehouse, each stocked with 20 boxes. Twenty out of the forty boxes are the crispy-crackly ones, and the rest are plain chocolates. Each plain chocolates box has an Ungurait in it. You can figure out which boxes are stocked with the candy bars Bubs wants by buying a Scanner for $20 back at the stand, or you can ranndomly select boxes(The Cheat is the only one that can grab boxes). Once you get all of the chocolates, the door closes behind you and the only way out is by solving the puzzle on the back door. The key is up, down, left, right, center. This unlocks the door. Go back to Bubs and give him the chocolates. He'll thank you and give you the next errand.

Part Two: Back to Marshmallow's Last Stand[edit | edit source]

Next, Bubs will tell you he needs to pick up some marshmallows from Marshmallow's Last Stand. Go to Marshmallow's Last Stand, but you'll see that Homeschool Winner has infested the place with monsters! Use The Cheat to grab bags of marshmallows, and defeat any monsters, using Marzipan to heal. Each monster you defeat drops a bag of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. Also, you need to use several field combos to reach certain bags. After you have 20 bags, go back to Bubs.

Part Three: CD Mayhem[edit | edit source]

Bubs will tell you that he has one last errand to do: get a disc with 500 emails on it from Strong Bad's house for his weekly spamvertisements. At this point, all party members except Strong Bad, Strong Sad, and Strong Mad temporarily leave your party. Go to the computer Room and you'll see the CD and...Oh no! The Vampire Lappy!

Part Four: Back to Bubs[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Lappy (again), grab the CD and go back to Bubs. He'll reward you (see Rewards) and you get the rest of your party members back. Hide under Homsar's hat to hear him talk about using the money from the spamvertisements to buy ammo for his shotgun, in case Homeschool Winner comes around, because he used the only bullet he had on the Compy.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Summon: Bubs' Watchdog
Level up for Strong Bad, Strong Sad, and Strong Mad