Homestar Runner Strategy Guide/Battling

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Hey there! Stuck on battling former enemies? Then this battling manual is just for people like you!

Entering A Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Party Member First Hit: When you kick an enemy, the battle automatically begins in the designated environment you are in. Your enemy will take damage before the battle starts.
  • CPU Enemy First Hit: When an enemy attacks you outside battle, you will take damage in the battle before the first turn.

In Battle...[edit | edit source]

Every turn typically lasts thirty seconds, though it can last as long as you like. In this turn, you can move your party members and get them to attack, similar to Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. You can move as well. You can attack, use a special move, or use an item by bringing up menus with the designated controls. Every time you select an item or a special ability, an icon of it is displayed in the corner. You can still move around, but when you're ready to use it, just press the designated button to activate it!If you need to specify a target, a menu will pop up to have you select the target. You can attack once, and then it will switch to the second player in your party. You can do any action with him, and so on. Don't make haste, just pause if you need to think. After your fourth player completes his turn, the enemies get to attack and move. You can't attack them, but you can dodge by pressing 'Jump' at the right moment. If they get you anyway, your evasion lets you dodge it anyway sometimes.