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  • Old-Timey — Enter a mysterious black and white world of parsnips, famine, poverty, nefarious schemes, water soup, some hams, grainy sound, and bad special effects.
  • 20X6 — Looking for a challenge? Or maybe some light fighting? Then this is the time period for you! This futuristic land is chock-full of cool-lookin' buildings, robots, pudding, and maybe other things also too!
  • Teen Girl Squad — Have you ever felt like being VOLLEYBALL'D, CUPCAKE BATTER'D, or TWELVE-O'-CLOCK REV-LIMITER COASTER'D cruelly and mercilessly by a ruthless dictator? Then what are you waiting for?!
  • Cheat Commandos — Rock, rock on! Here, you can go on adventures and top-secret missions to stop the evil forces of Blue Laser from baking peanut butter cookies for Nana! Are you up for the challenge?
  • Peasantry — A mystical, medieval land full of peasants, archers, knights, criminal baby ladies, creepy old fishermen, Kerreks, and of course, thatched-roof cottages. Here be Trogdors!
  • Other — These are some even more universes! Including Xeriouxly Forxe, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, Powered by The Cheat, and maybe others!