Homestar Halloween 2021

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Strong Sad's crappy taste in horror films inspires Strong Bad to make his own crappy found footage movie.

See Homestar Halloween 2021 Costumes for more information on what everyone was wearing. (UPDATE, THAT PAGE WILL NOT BE FINISHED. here's all the costumes) COSTUMES:

Homestar as Sister Bertrille (The Flying Nun)

Strong Bad as Space Ghost (Space Ghost)

Strong Sad as Charge Man (MM5)

Strong Mad as Silent Bob

Coach Z as Shaqueel O'Neil (from the Los Angeles Lakers)

Marzipan as Shellington (Octonauts)

The KOT as Chef Boyardee

Pom Pom as Owl (Tootsie Pop)

The Cheat as Puffin (Club Penguin)

The Poopsmith as Death Ship

Bubs as BB12 (The Space Saturnado Farting Movie)

Homsar as Hercules (from Hercules 1997)

Cashmere as Megara (from Hercules 1997)