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dbemail 5; mitch[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy gets asked about Mitch's crush.

Page Text:Mirandy 1995

Date:February 22, 2019

Script[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy: What email did I get, today..?

subject: mitch

Dear Dellyboy,
I heard somewhere that Mitch had a crush on Strong Sad. Do you know anything about it?
Miss M

Dellyboy: Mitch having a crush on Strong Sad..? That's not something I've really heard about, sorry. ..Maybe Sume knows?

{Dellyboy takes out a flip phone and calls Sume.}

Dellyboy: Hey, Sume, have you heard of anything about Mitch having a crush?

Sume: ...No.

Dellyboy: ...That...didn't really work out.

{A lightbulb appears about Dellyboy's face.}

Dellyboy: I know! I'll ask Mitch himself! {The lightbulb disappears.}

{Dellyboy runs to Mitch's house.}

Dellyboy: {knocking} Mitch!

Mitch: ...Hello, Dellyboy!

Dellyboy: ...May I ask something?

Mitch: Sure!

Dellyboy: ...Do you have a crush on Strong Sad?

Mitch: {blushing} N-No...I don't...Heh..

Dellyboy: ...Okay? Good day, mister.. {Dellyboy walks away, feeling awkward.}

Mitch: {with less blushing} Good day to you, too!

{Back at Dellyboy's house..}

Dellyboy: That...kinda worked out? I got an answer..I think. {typing} Well, Miss M, I'd tell you this. I wouldn't know the answer, but I think he does like someone. And that someone could be Strong Sad.

Triva[edit | edit source]

This is the first dbemail that contains a OC (in this case, Mitch).

= Inside References[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy's flip phone references his old technology. (more specifically, the MircoTAC.)