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dbemail 8; creator

Dellyboy mentions a creator, his own. ...Somewhat.

Page Text:Mirandy 1995

Date:June 4, 2019

Script[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy: Yawn, what email do I have today?

subject: creator

To Mr. D. A. Mandle, (for yourself and viewers only)
Are you aware of your creator?

Dellyboy: ...Creator?

(He spins around in his chair.)

Dellyboy: Well, how could I know of my creator if my...creator didn't...let me know...about them...My head hurts.

(He stands up and walks to the door.)

Dellyboy: Maybe if I stare at this door, my head will feel better.

(He yawned. After a while he left.)

Dellyboy: Ah! I think I know the answer! ...Am...Amberite! Weird name.

(He sat down on his chair, thinking.)

Dellyboy: ...Doesn't ring a bell.

Amberite Voice: That's right.

Dellyboy: What?

(The Cloth comes down.)

Triva[edit | edit source]

This is the first dbemail 'released' on the Miraheze wiki.