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Character: Dellyboy[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dellyboy is the owner of a diner, called Dellyboy's Diner, in Free Country, USA. Dellyboy is usually a mixture of being hot-headed and being calm (mostly because of the diner's waitress/janitor, Sume). He hates having his diner ruined, people wasting his time, bad movies, and burnt food. What he does like is waffles, succeeding, bowling, and nice-tasting drinks.

He has a pale, light purple skin color, and oval eyes with black pupils. His clothes are a white polo shirt with folded sleeves and red stripes, a folded white hat with blue trimmings, and dark blue jeans with a shiny yellow button. He is bald, and covers the baldness with his hat. His legs look like Homestar Runner's, and he wears no shoes. Although he is mostly humanoid, he lacks ears, a nose, and elbows. His hands are floating fingerless circles, however he can pick up and use things just fine.

He doesn't seem to have much friends other than Sume and some unnamed college roommates. However, he is mostly neutral, only hating Strong Bad because of the "Diner Disaster", a event that Strong Bad caused that ruined Dellyboy's Diner and caused Dellyboy to hate Strong Bad. The "Diner Disaster" also caused Strong Bad to be forever banned from the diner.

His main job is managing his diner, however, he has mentioned having other jobs before. These jobs are fast food worker, store clerk, and baker. He said to have quit the first two jobs, and was fired from the third job. It is, so far, unknown why Dellyboy quit from the first two jobs and why he was fired from his job as a baker.

  • Domicile: Dellyboy's House
  • Debut: Another Day at Dellyboy's

Character Video Transcript[edit | edit source]

=== Dellyboy ==: Hey, Sume, we ready to go?

=== Sume ===: Of course, Delly. You can speak.

=== Dellyboy ===: Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm Dellyboy! Owner of a local diner! In fact, I'm quite the dinerman!

=== Sume ===: {interrupting} ...Dinerman? What does that even mean?

=== Dellyboy ===: Uh, that I own a diner! Yeah... Anyway, ya'll can come on down! {he holds up some random food} We've got plently o' choices!

=== Sume ===: Yep. He isn't lying...

=== Dellyboy ===: O' course I ain't!

=== Sume ===: ...You don't have any other ideas, you do?

=== Dellyboy ===: Um...I...I...Yeah, I'm done-o.{Dellyboy walks out the door, while Sume awkwardly watches}

=== Sume ===: {heavy sigh}

Triva[edit | edit source]

  • Dellyboy was first made with Main Page 5 in mind. This is also where Dellyboy's love for waffles came from.
  • Dellyboy supposed once was a wrestler named "Steak Blade", however it's unknown if this is true.
  • Dellyboy's full name is Dellyboy A. Mandle.
  • His parents are Jarod, his father, and Pieces, his mother.

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • Old Dinerman (Old-Timey)
  • Dennis (Dangeresque)
  • D-Boy (Xeriouxly Forxe)
  • Puppet Dellyboy
  • Storybook Dellyboy
  • Character D (Yonder Website)
  • Powered by The Cheat Dellyboy