Coach Zmails/5

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Coach Z: Chork my email every day, every day!

Coach Z: Groins?! Stop talking about your private parts! Delort that crop!

Coach Z: Next email!

Coach Z: My medallion is chocolate gelt and it's glued on to me, jerk!

Coach Z: Final one!

Coach Z: I've never baked a cheesecake. Definitely no.

Bubs: Here’s a tape. It says "Coach Z's CheeZeCake"

Young Coach Z: I did it! Moist CheeZecake! Let's eat it! (Gobbles)

{The Coach Zaper comes down}

=Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

Click on 'chocolate gelt' to see Z Medallion brand chocolate medallions.

Click on 'world's longest groin' and 'bload daddy' to see entries in Count Longardeaux‘s Record Book about Allen and Jerry.