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COACH Z: Chorking that email is what I do baby!

COACH Z: Well, she was beautiful. That is all.

STRONG BAD: Didn't she guested on a episode of Limozeen: Zeenin' Into The Night?

COACH Z: Yorsh.

CHAMPEEN: Didn't Strong Bad record that episode on a VHS?

STRONG BAD: We did. Let me put it in the VCR.

ANNOUNCER: The Zeenin' With The Stars marathon sponsored by Smarty Juice and Aardvark Pizza ends here on the Animation Channel!

LIMOZEEN: Zeenin'! Zeenin'! Zeenin'! Into the Nite! Zeenin'! Zeenin'! Zeenin'! Into the Nite!


{Title card: "Larry and Mary Break the Law: The Musical" written by A. Chimendez}

CHAMPEEN: This is a musical episode?

BOZAR: Accuse me twice, Limolosers! I'm gonna break the law and accuse it on Mary and Larry!

LARRY: He's gonna accuse ME of breaking the law?

(ZITN Time Card: 2 Hours later...)

MARY: Okay, so me and Larry are in the Intergalactic Prison for a crime Larry and I didn't commit!

CHAMPEEN: Wait! Isn't this supposed to be a musical episode?

BABS: (romantic voice) Hi, Larry.

CHAMPEEN: Is there going to be a musical number? Yes! YES! YES!

LARRY AND MARY: We've just been arrested for a crime we didn’t do, And now, we are feeling blue. We wanna reunite with the other two, But can we just get out with you?

{The Coach Zaper comes down.}

Easter Eggs[edit | edit source]

Click on "Zeenin' With The Stars" to see a DVD of Limozeen: Zeenin' Into The Night called “Zeenin' With The Stars".

Zeenin' Into The Night

ZWTS Cover.jpeg

Zeenin' With The Stars!
  ZITN episodes where Limozeen sings with guest stars! 5 episodes including a bonus one