Coach Zemail (CoachErinStrongSad)

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This article is for CoachErinStrongSad's Coach Z emails. For the original Coach Z emails, see Coach Zemails

These Coach Zemails were created by Coach E. Since the original Coach Zemails have been inactive for a long time, you can email Coach Z here.

Click here to email Coach Z

File:qod 5 - coach z.png

Rules[edit | edit source]

No swearing

No mocking

No bullying

Oh, and one last thing, Coach Z doesn't like getting his feelings hurt

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Stuff you're welcome to talk about[edit | edit source]

Coach Z's locker room

His childhood



Relationship with Bubs or other characters

Anything at all! It's all up to you ^^

Zemails[edit | edit source]