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COACH Z: Oh hey dere, everybordy. My name's Coach Z. Look, I know I'm nat Strong Bad, but I'm norn gonna make fun of ya's. Okay here goes nothin'. I dunno how dis computer works.

(Coach Z sits down, checking his emails)

COACH Z: Whoa, classy. Okay then, mitten hands. Show me what'cha gort.

Dear Mr. Z, You don't coach very much these days. Have you ever considered another job? — Coaches A - Y

COACH Z: Wait a minute? Are there alphabet coaches? What's going on here? I thought I was just me, the Coach Z.

Well, A ta Y, the reason why I haven't been coaching much, it's because of... this might sound weird and unusual and I don't think any of ya's are gonna believe me. (Coach Z sticks his belly out and rubs it) I'm pregnant! For the fourth time! At the moment, Bubs and I have 4 babies. A toddler and triplets. If only one of my babies were still alive, I would've had 5. But let's face it (starts to fake cry), sometimes, children feel really sick after birth and then die. I don't wanna talk about it. (talks normally) As for getting another jorb, uhh I mean JEAROREEEOOOOOOOORRRRRRRB I mean JOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEB, I wasn't any good at any of 'em. The only things I was gooa at was sports and coaching. I couldn't do any of dat cuz Bubs said I needed to rest myself and my baby belly. Although I did so some exercise. My small legs and big clown feet went on a nice walk. (walks out of the room to see Bubs) Hey, Bubs

BUBS: What is it, Coach Preggers?

COACH Z: Wanna feel the baby kick?

BUBS: Oh yeah. I can feel it moving. I think it likes us. (giggles) I'm gonna be one proud father

COACH Z: And I'm gonna be a proud mother. I can't wait!

(Bubs and Coach Z hug each other. Bubs feels and pokes Coach Z in the belly)

COACH Z: (giggles) It tickes.

BUBS: I hope this baby's gonna look like me!

COACH Z: Nah, Bubs. It's gonna lork like me. I just know it! Even better, it might look like da both of us, like the other babies do!

BUBS: Yep. Take care of yourself. Let me take ya back to the computer room

(Bubs carries Coach Z in his arms and takes him to the computer room)

COACH Z: Oh, thank you so much, Bubsy.

BUBS: Welcome. See ya

COACH Z: So there you have it, AY. There's the reason why I haven't been coaching for a while. What if a ball hit me in the belly. Good think Bubs kept me at home. Okay, until next thyme, keep sending me your questions and I'll try and pronounce 'em right.

(The napkin comes down)