Coach Z does a DIY/Coach Z makes a Tape-Staple-Paperclip Unicorn

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The first episode of CZDADIY! Today, Coach Z makes a tape-staple-paperclip unicorn!

Transcript[edit | edit source]

{Theres a Joshow Show style intro with Coach Z making his name out of stuff.}
Coach Z: {Voiceover} Hello, everybody, it's the Coach Z, and this is Coach Z does a DIY! Today featuring a couple kids that I have to babysit right now!
Harriet: {Voiceover} I didn't want to do this.
Julie: {Voiceover} DIYS!
{Transition to a camera facing Coach Z and Harriet. Harriet looks bored and unhappy.}
Coach Z: Hello to all the viewers. I'm Coach Z, and this kid is Harriet.
{Harriet blows a raspberry.}
Coach Z: And the kid wreaking havoc in the background is Julie.
{Julie runs across the screen in the background, breaking stuff in the process.}
Coach Z: So, this one time, somebody showed me this videro of a guy that made a T-Rex out of tape, staples, and forks as a DIY, so I was inspirationed to make my own!
Harriet: This is a HORRIBLE idea.
Coach Z: Whatever. So anyways...
{The camera switches to a top view. Coach Z brings out a beige roll tape.}
Coach Z: {Voiceover} So today we're making a unicorn. Everyone likes unicorns.
Harriet: {Voiceover} Whatever, old guy that Mitch made us stay with when he does something for a while.
{Coach Z goes to town on the tape roll and makes it into a horse shape.}
Coach Z: {Voiceover} So first you get a bunch of tape and shape it into a little horsejearb.
Harriet: {Voiceover} That looks like garbage! Coach Z: {Voiceover} No, it looks like a horsejorb! So anyways, next, you give it a lucious mane and tail.
{Coach Z makes a staple line as a mane and tail.}
Harriet: {voiceover} That looks like a tetanus sandwich.
Coach Z: {voiceover} What the?
Julie: {Voiceover, screaming} THAT LOOKS LIKE TRASH!
Coach Z: {Voiceover} Anyways, that last step is to make a paperclip into a horn!
{He makes the horn.}
Coach Z: {Voiceover} And now you done!
Harriet: {Voiceover} G-A-R-B-A-G-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. {Switch to facing them.} Coach Z: So anyways, that's it everyone! See you next time!
Harriet: I wanna leave. Goodbye. {Harriet runs away, grabbing Julie's arm.}

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Coach Z is referencing the Joshow Show at the beginning.