Coach Z and Bubs' boring (I mean awesome) conversation

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File:qod 5 - coach z.png Hey dere Bubsy! I just want a $20 napkin, dat's all.

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Sorry, Coach, I don't need your money. Just take it freely, it's just a napkin.

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Erm, uh, OK.. Say, uh, how did you see in your castume with that hat over your face?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Hmm, guess it wasn't covering up my face all the time

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Hey, does ya think we're too old to go trick or chortin'?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Nope. Just as long as we take our kids, everything will be fine. Happy Decemberween y'all

File:qod 5 - coach z.png I, uh, sappose. Here cormes the Thnikkaman

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Yeah, shut up, Coach

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Hey, um, da thnockerguy, uh, may I plorsh have some? Pretty plorsh?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Have some what, man?

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Erm, I thought you knew. I saw Spring Board asking you if he could have some, so I asked you the same question.

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Oh, yeah. Decemberween is comin! What do ya want, Coach Z?

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Uh, well, I could use some more towels for the lacker room...

File:qod 4 - bubs.png BOOORING!!!!!!!! Okay, how about your wife and Olympia?

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Charity doesn't want much, but Olympia wants a pommel horse, whatever that is..

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Babs wants some stuff to fill her belly and Bubs Jr wants a concession stand

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Why are you bringing this up, Thnikkaman? Are you related to Bubs or somethin'?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Well, there's something you should know, my friend

File:qod 5 - coach z.png ..and wort is that?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png The Thnikkaman IS Bubs! Can't you tell?

File:qod 5 - coach z.png No... oh now I can! You both gots flippers and toothy smiles

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Oh yeah. Homestar relized it was me with cool shades all along a couple of years ago.

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Hah, after all these years I've revealed da Thnorkamun's identitor! Execpt it was simpler than I expected.

File:qod 4 - bubs.png I didn't wanna let anyone down. Now, where's my son?

File:qod 5 - coach z.png He's building something over dere.

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Hehe! Trying to build a concession stand? Were you son?

(BUBS JR joined the conversation!)

qod_bubs_jr.png You bet, dad! I can't wait until Decemberween to get a stand, so I'll build my own!

File:qod 5 - coach z.png HE'S SO CEORTE!

qod_bubs_jr.png Thanks, Coach.

File:qod 5 - coach z.png So, whatcha been doin' these days, Bubsy Jr? It's been so loaerorng since I've seen you!

qod_bubs_jr.png Uhh not really

File:qod 4 - bubs.png My baby's growin' up so fast. Oh look! It's Olympia

qod_bubs_jr.png Imma get back to work now...

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Ahh cam orn, Bubsy Jr, I though ya likes her

qod_bubs_jr.png Um yeah, I guess, maybe. (Blushes)

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Olympia, yer little cutie has come to see you

qod_olympia.png Oh, really?

qod_bubs_jr.png Girlfriend!! I love you so much <3

qod_olympia.png (facepalm and sighs) I'm not your girlfriend, Bubs Jr

qod_bubs_jr.png Oh, come on! I wanna hug

qod_olympia.png Fine.

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Oh gorsh! I think your son is in lorve with my daughter

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Yup. Maybe one day they'll get married and have little babies

File:qod 5 - coach z.png What a scary thought! I'll be in my 80's by then!

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Hey, dummy, you're only 43 and I'm 47, so that means you'll be like... I'm not good at math

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Ooh, I can't for when my daughter marries Bubs Jr! I wanna see some little white Bubslings or little blue mes

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Hey, son. You wanna marry Olympia in the next 10 years?

qod_bubs_jr.png Yes I do! I love her! I want to touch her hair and kiss her!

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Olympia, he's so cute. You should marry him in 10 years

qod_olympia.png {gets angry and her cheeks turn red) THAT'S ENOUGH, DAD! I don't want to get married to Homestar-brained Bubs Jr!

File:qod 5 - coach z.png But, darlin...

qod_olympia.png But nothing (kicks Bubs Jr in the belly) Just leave me be now

qod_bubs_jr.png *cries*

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Er, maybe in our 50's?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png COACH! Bubs Jr's hurt!

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Oh, uhh Bubs Jr. Show me where it hurts

qod_bubs_jr.png Why did she do that?

File:qod 4 - bubs.png I dunno, son. Give ol' daddy a hug

qod_bubs_jr.png (still crying) Rock me, daddy.

File:qod 4 - bubs.png (rocks Bubs Jr on his lap) Shhh, it's alright, son. Olympia just wants to spend time on her own

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Olympia, something the matter?

qod_bubs_jr.png Ow...

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Shall I kiss your belly better? Or do you want mommy to do it?

qod_bubs_jr.png How about both you and mommy do it

qod_olympia.png (throwing things) Why can't Bubs Jr grow up and start calling his parents 'mom and dad'?

File:qod 5 - coach z.png It's a Bubs Jr thing. He's nice and loves his family, dat's all

qod_olympia.png Yes. He's TOO nice. I wish he could just leave me alone

File:qod 5 - coach z.png I'm sorry I said something about you marrying Bubs Jr. It won't happen again, I prarmise. Guess I kinda got carried away

qod_olympia.png Yeah, I guess. I didn't mean to hit him

File:qod 5 - coach z.png Dat's okay, sweetie, just don't do it again. Now why don't you come with me and do some Decemberween shopping with Bubs to make up for it

qod_olympia.png Okay

qod_bubs_jr.png Like I said, I'm going back to building my concession stand now...

File:qod 4 - bubs.png So, what'll it be? We got Decemberween-flavoured cold ones, Decemberween ornaments, Decemberween candy...

qod_bubs_jr.png Look, daddy! I finished my concession stand. If only mommy could come here and see it

File:qod 4 - bubs.png She'll be here any minute, son. That's brilliant! Soon, you'll be just like me.

(Bubs Jr's concession stand falls down)

qod_bubs_jr.png Oh no! It fell down. I'm a terrible builder

File:qod 4 - bubs.png Aww, it's okay, son. The Thnikkaman will get you a nice little stand. Oh look, it's your mother!

qod_bubs_jr.png Okay....

(BABS joins the conversation!)

qod_babs.png Hey Junior, what's going on?

qod_bubs_jr.png My stand's gone!

qod_babs.png Aww, poor sweetie. I heard Olympia kicked you in the belly. Haven't you gone a bit too far with her?

qod_bubs_jr.png I just think she's nice!

qod_babs.png (picks him up and sits him on her lap) I know you do, Bubs Jr, but there are times when girls want to be left alone.

qod_bubs_jr.png I'm sure Olympia will hang out with me someday.

qod_babs.png She will. Now, what do you want to do now?

qod_bubs_jr.png Tell me about the time when I was a baby!

qod_babs.png Okay then, if that makes you feel better. I carried you in my belly for 9 months. That's how long pregnancy lasts for, okay. I have photos in an album somewhere. (Takes an album out from the bookshelf) Here it is