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Bubs' Concession Stand[edit | edit source]

In between levels, you can visit Bubs' Concession Stand, where he sells you power-ups and things that will help you on your adventure. You can buy each item for a certain amount of pencil shavings (P.S.), which you can collect in every level. Once you buy something, you can keep it in your inventory and use it whenever you need it. All items can only be used once (except for Grabbo Arm, Metal Detector, and Pencil Moistener, which you keep permanently). When you walk up to the stand, Bubs will say something different depending on which character you are. Here is a list of things he will sell and how much they cost:

  • SBLOUNSKCHED! Bar — Gives you an extra life (1-Up). (100 P.S.)
  • Snow Cones — Gives you an extra life. (100 P.S.)
  • Fluffy Puff Marshmallows — Gives you 2 extra lives. (150 P.S.)
  • Melonade — Gives you 3 extra lives. (200 P.S.)
  • Mountain Dew — Gives you 3 extra lives. (200 P.S.)
  • Brunswick Stew — Heals 3 Health Points from enemies. (40 P.S.)
  • Ambrosia Salad — Heals 3 Health Points. (40 P.S.)
  • Delicious "Bag" — Heals 5 Health Points. (50 P.S.)
  • Grody Ethnic Food — Heals 5 Health Points. (50 P.S.)
  • Paunch Berry Iced Cream — Heals 8 Health Points (75 P.S.)
  • Temporarios — Heals 8 Health Points. (75 P.S.)
  • Grumblecakes — Heals all Health Points. (100 P.S.)
  • 49 Pencil Shavings — A bag of 49 Pencil Shavings. (50 P.S.)
  • Hot Dip — You attack enemies with double damage. (50 P.S.)
  • Tomatocycle — You become faster and jump higher. (75 P.S.)
  • Portly Washboy Laundry Paste — Makes you invincible for 5 seconds. (125 P.S.)
  • Schenectady Crispies — Makes you invincible for 5 seconds. (125 P.S.)
  • Cheat-Toes — Makes you invincible for 10 seconds. (250 P.S.)
  • Grabbo Arm — Can grab Power-Ups and Pencil Shavings from far away, and even ones that are impssible to get. (600 P.S.)
  • Pencil Moistener — Can find Pencil Shavings from far away. (500 P.S.)
  • Taranchula Black Metal Detector — Can find Power-Ups underground. (750 P.S.)
  • Senor Cardgage — Optional character. See Optional Secret Player Characters. (2500 P.S.)
  • More Helpers — New optional helpers, only available after you beat the game. The Fat Bee, The Announcer, Wagon Fulla Pancakes, F-Sack, and Humidibot. See Secret Helpers. (4000 P.S.)