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Coach E's Adventure is a Videlectrix game developed by Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, CoachErinStrongSad, and Ilikepie38. It is a combination of 2D platformers (like Stinkoman 20X6) and puzzle solving games (like SBCG4AP). There are 11 main playable characters (plus 11 optional characters, and 4 that are available on holidays, 26 in total) and 11 helpers (plus 5 optional, 16 in total). In each world, a boss has captured some of the main Homestar Runner characters, also known as "helpers", because once you find them, they will help you on your quest.

Important Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You start with 10 Health Points. Once you are hurt, you lose a certain amount (usually only one). When you have none, you get a Game Over.
  • Once you find one of the 12 main H*R characters, they will be one of your helpers.
  • If you have more than one character, you can change which player character you are (and which helper you have) at any time using the pause menu.
  • When you find a secret optional character, you can play as him/her in any level, anytime, when you want to.
  • You fight an end boss at the end of each world, and a mini-boss in the middle of each world.
  • After you finish a world, you can either go back to one of the other worlds you've finished, go to Bubs' Concession Stand, or Skatetown, USA, before going on to the next world. This is optional.

Worlds[edit | edit source]

There are 10 worlds (12, if you count the secret world and the Halloween world). Each world has 4 levels, a boss after Level 2, and a mini-boss after Level 4. Some worlds have a secret level, making it the fifth level of that world. In almost every world, you get new characters and helpers.

World # Place Levels Mini-Boss Boss Player Characters Characters to Find
1 Free Country USA
  • Level 1 — The Field
  • Level 2 — Spooky Woods
  • Level 3 — Strong Bad's House
  • Level 4 — The KOT's Castle
  • Secret Level — The Pie Factory
The Goblin Multi-Function Dragon Coach E The Cheat, Homestar
2 Outer Space
  • Level 1 — The Moon
  • Level 2 — Europa
  • Level 3 — SBASAF Ship
  • Level 4 — Groupulon 5
Nebulon Galactic Space Hippo Spider Coach E, Gfdgsgxgzgdrc Pom Pom, Strong Bad
3 Old-Timey Land
  • Level 1 — The Factory/Circus District
  • Level 2 — The Strong Bad's Telegraph Room
  • Level 3 — Parsnip Depot
  • Level 4 — The Old Pietimer Place
Strong Man and The Sneak Giant Animatronic Old-Timey Strong Bad Robot Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, Piem'n Marzipan
4 20X6 Land
  • Level 1 — Planet K
  • Level 2 — Stinkoman Headquarters
  • Level 3 — Stinkoman's Kitchen
  • Level 4 — Evil Forest
Trogador Shadowy Figure Bubs Jr, Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, Piem'n Strong Sad
5 Peasantry
  • Level 1 — Peasantry
  • Level 2 — Peasantry Forest
  • Level 3 — Scalding Lake
  • Level 4 — Trogcave
Kerrek Trogdor Coach E, Zubs, Coach B Bubs
6 Alternate Universes
  • Level 1 — Puppet World
  • Level 2 — Strong Badman's Apartment
  • Level 3 — Free Petry Dish USA
  • Level 4 — Vector Field
  • Secret Level — Storybook World
Strong Badman Vector Strong Bad Bubs Jr, Zubs, Babs Strong Mad
7 Virus'd Free Country
  • Level 1 — The Field
  • Level 2 — Strong Bad's House
  • Level 3 — KOT's Castle
  • Level 4 — Bubs' Concession Stand
Virus'd Strong Bad Virus'd Bubs Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, Piem'n, Babs, Charity The Poopsmith
8 Teen Girl Squad
  • Level 1 — Lined Paper
  • Level 2 — The School
  • Level 3 — The Beach
  • Level 4 — Brainkreig Stage
Thomas Arrow'd Guy Coach B, Olympia, Baddie Coach Z
9 More Alternate Universes
  • Level 1 — Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land
  • Level 2 — Cheat Commandos HQ
  • Level 3 — Limozeen: "but they're in space!"
  • Level 4 — The Castlefunnies
  • Secret Level — Atari 2600
The Unguraits Homeschool Winner Coach E, Baddie, Erin Jr, Strong Lad The King of Town
10 Xeriouxly Forxe
  • Level 1 — Xeriouxly Field
  • Level 2 — Xeriouxly Fighting Arena
  • Level 3 — Xeriouxly Fortrexx
  • Level 4 — Marshmallow Factory
H. Star Marshie (Final Boss) All Characters None

Once you get all the secret characters (below), you can get to the secret World 11. Once you beat it, you will get 100% completion in the game and the ultimate hidden character: Homsar.

World # Place Levels Mini-Boss Boss Player Characters Characters to Find
11 Far-Off Lands
  • Level 1 — Cubeland
  • Level 2 — Pantsburg
  • Level 3 — Historic Over There
  • Level 4 — Prehistoric Land
Visor Robot Gel-arshie All Secret Characters Homsar

Secret Exits[edit | edit source]

Some levels have secret exits. These can get you to secret levels or get new characters.

Level What it does
1.4: The KOT's Castle Unlocks level 1.5 (Pie Factory). When you finish, Piem'n becomes a playable character.
2.3: SBASAF Ship Shark-Tooth Bubs becomes a playable character.
3.4: The Old Pietimer Place Sterrance becomes a playable character.
4.4: Evil Forest Stinkoman becomes a playable character.
5.4: Trogcave Original Bubs becomes a playable character.
6.4: Vector Field Unlocks level 6.5 (Storybook World). When you finish, Li'l Brudder becomes a playable character.
4.4: Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land Ready for Primetime becomes a playable character.
9.4: Vector Field Unlocks level 9.5 (Atari 2600). When you finish, Dooble becomes a playable character.
10.4: Xeriouxly Fortrexx Anti-Piem'n becomes a playable character.

Characters[edit | edit source]

See main article: Graphics

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Image Character Ability Disadvantage Power-Up Item When is Character Used
Coach E None None ? World 1, 2, 5, 9, 10
Gfdgsgxgzgdrc Can attack enemies with his bowler hat He can't run for too long because he'll get tired His G World 2, 4, 7, 10
Piem'n Can make a shield out of pies to block attacks If he doesn't eat enough pie, he'll become slower Guess what? Pie. World 3, 4, 7, 10
Bubs Jr Can jump a long distance ? Mini-Concession Stand World 4, 6, 10
Zubs Can crawl through small passages Gets damaged easier Baby Food World 5, 6, 10
Coach B When he jumps, he levitates for a few seconds using his wings Has less health Wings with a B on them World 5, 8, 10
Babs ? ? ? World 6, 10
Charity Can double jump ? ? World 7, 10
Olympia Can jump high ? Her "O" World 8, 10
Baddie ? ? Boxing Gloves World 8, 9, 10
Erin Jr ? ? Stuffed Bubs World 9, 10
Strong Lad ? ? His Wrestle-Mask World 9, 10

Optional Secret Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Unlike the normal characters, which can only be used in certain worlds, when you get a secret character, you can have it in every world after (similar to helper characters).

Image Character Ability Disadvantage Power-Up Item How To Get It
Senor Cardgage
  • Can repel enemies
  • Can hide in bushes to avoid attacks
Goes slowly when he loses his glasses Melty Candy Bars Buy him from Bubs' Concession Stand.
Blom Blom
  • Can float over enemies (but not over cliffs)
  • Can jump high
He is slow. Pom Pom-Colored Ball Finish The Pie Factory.
Shark-Tooth Bubs
  • Can attack enemies with his shark-tooth
  • Can be invincible to attacks, they reflect off his tooth.

(If you become invincible, you can't jump until you stop being invincible)

Runs slowly Chicken Wings Find the secret exit in the SBASAF Ship.
no image available
Sir Unpronouncablesworthingson
  • Can go through gray walls to get power-ups
  • Uses polymascotfoamalate to blow up enemies
He wanders around a lot. Polymascotfoamalate Find the secret exit in The Old Pietimer Place.
  • Can destroy enemies using double deuce
  • Can run extra fast and jump high
  • Can shoot fireballs
Gets attacked by enemies more Capsule Find the secret exit at the Evil Forest.
  • Can wear a helmet to make him invincible
  • Throws computers at enemies

(You can only become invincible for 10 seconds, and after that, you have to wait 20 more seconds)

If he doesn't eat enough pie, he'll become slower Viking Helmet Find the exit in Storybook World
Ready for Primetime
  • Can do a dance that distracts enemies
  • Can turn into Strong Mad and crash through certain walls.

(The time that he turns into Strong Mad is limited.)

Can only jump up (not forwards) Blonde Hair Find the secret exit in Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land.
  • Can whack his hat at enemies to make them unconcious
  • Can throw a dance party, making him invincible
Can't jump very high Joy Box Find the exit in Atari 2600.
  • Can turn enemies into vegetables
  • Can make enemies fall asleep from boredness
Runs slowly Vegetables Find the secret exit in the Xeriouxly Fortrexx.
Homsar Almost everything.
  • Can fly
  • Can shoot lasers out of his hat
  • Can teleport
  • Can create a force field
  • Can confuse enemies
  • Can make things suddenly explode
None Mustachioed Juice Box Finish entire game, get every character, and finish the secret World 11.

Helpers[edit | edit source]

Helpers are characters you find in each world. You can't control them, but they just follow you around. You can use their ability anytime. You can only have one helper at a time, but you can change it whenever you want. Unlike playable characters, which can only be used in certain worlds, when you get a helper, you can have it in every world after (similar to secret playable characters).

Image Character Ability Where You Find Character
The Cheat Can go through small spaces for you Strong Bad's House
Homestar ? The KOT'S Castle
Pom Pom Can float over large obstacles Europa
Strong Bad Can use his Lappier to DELETE certain walls Groupulon 5
Marzipan ? The Old Pietimer Place
Strong Sad Can sadden certain enemies and objects to make them go away Evil Forest
Bubs Can hover a few inches off the ground to go across cliffs Trogcave
Strong Mad Can push heavy items Vector Field
The Poopsmith Can dig through walls made of whatsit Virus'd Bubs' Concession Stand
Coach Z Can mop up dust and dirt that's blocking the path Brainkreig Stage
The King of Town Can eat through walls made of food The Castlefunnies

Secret Helpers[edit | edit source]

These are helpers you can buy at Bubs' Concession Stand after you beat the game. You need them in the secret World 11.

Image Character Ability
The Announcer Can zap enemies with his monocle, and blast enemies away with his microphone
The Fat Bee Can fly over mountains of grapes
Wagon Fulla Pancakes Can go over certain pancake bridges
F-Sack Eats any garbage blocking the way
Humidibot Can float in water and you can ride on him
Original Bubs Can see power-ups and enemies from really far away
Sterrance Does a dance to distract enemies.
Li'l Brudder Can make enemies stop and cry, making them easier to beat

Holidays[edit | edit source]

The game changes on certain days.

Halloween (Oct. 10 - Nov. 1)[edit | edit source]

A new Halloween-themed world is playable.

World # Place Levels Mini-Boss Boss Player Characters
12 St. Cadaverstump's
  • Level 1 — Entrance
  • Level 2 — Gross-Out Room
  • Level 3 — 2-Star Bed and Breakfast
  • Level 4 — Large Bean Museum
Somebody's Dad Large Bean All Characters

Several new characters are playable.

Image Character Ability Power-Up Item
Ghost Natalie Can float above the ground and go through enemies The Lappy
The Goblin Can do a dance to make enemies disappear Old Keyboards

Your helpers have 3 Halloween costumes each that you can switch at any time.

Decemberween (Dec. 1 - Dec. 28)[edit | edit source]

There is snow everywhere and there is a new playable character.

Image Character Ability Power-Up Item Notes
dethemberween.png The Dethemberween Thnikkaman He is invincible Baloney Sammich with a "TH" sign on it He is only playable in levels you've already finished.

Trogday (Jan. 10 - 16)[edit | edit source]

Trogdor is a playable character.

Image Character Ability Power-Up Item Notes
troggie.png Trogdor the BURNiNATOR He is invincible and can burninate enemies. Cottage He is only playable in levels you've already finished.

Other Holidays[edit | edit source]

Name Date Changes
April Fools Day April 1 The game is upside down
(similar to April Fools' 2006).
Cheatday April 15 - April 20 (Cheatday is on April 18.) The helpers turn into their Powered by The Cheat counterparts.
See here.
Dangeresque Day July 15 - July 30 (The day stunt double was released) The helpers are dressed as their Dangeresque counterparts.
See here.

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